Thursday, August 05, 2010

Home From Afghanistan (At Least for Now)

The Brothers StewartSome of you may be aware that I have a younger brother that was deployed to Afghanistan back in January.  Jake, and his wife Courtney, had their first son (Ian) back in August, and Jake’s leaving this time around was sadder than before.  But off he went for a year long tour, driving some kind of big truck and doing armed escorts or something of the like.  It’s dangerous, being out on the road and susceptible to IEDs or road-side bombs, and I’ve prayed for him a lot.

Yesterday was Ian’s first birthday and Courtney was having a party for him.  Jake was scheduled to have a 2-week R&R time some time in August, but the exact dates were never really clear.  We first thought he’d be in for Ian’s party, and then he said it’d be later in the month, and then it was possible again.  Eventually, and to everybody’s surprise, Jake landed back in America yesterday morning.  Courtney drove to the airport and picked him up, and Jake made it home for Ian’s first birthday.

IanSeeing my brother again was nice.  We’ve grown apart a bit as we’ve aged, but I still feel close.  And knowing that he was safe and out of a war zone eases that subconscious stress that lingers.  I believe he’ll be out of Afghanistan for 25 days, but I’m not sure.  He said the temperature was miserable, that they were constantly drenched in sweat, waking up at midnight covered in perspiration.  And he comes home to a record heat-wave in Kentucky, where the heat index yesterday reached 119*F.  Still, from time to time there was a breeze and shade.  He did say, however, that the food over there was top quality and he was eating good.  Lots of down time, though.  Lots of boredom.  Lots of reading.  I suppose that’s better than the flip side.

Stella & Sofie The party was fun.  Ian got a lot of presents and played with the water-based and bubble-based ones outside.  Watching my only nephew makes me happy.  The boy is cute and all smiles, and he reminds me a lot of myself and how I looked when I was a wee lad.  One of these days Keisha and I will get around to having a baby, and I’m getting more excited about that with every child I’m around.  One of these days…  For now we already have our two babies.

So I’m glad my brother’s home now, even though I probably won’t be seeing him again until next week some time.  The rafting/camping trip will keep me away, and my Monday night tennis league will keep me tied up early next week.


Crystal said...

I'm glad to hear your brother is home safe and he got to be there for his sons birthday. Judging by the pic, it looks like your nephew enjoyed his cake!

Enjoy your rafting/camping trip! Will we be seeing pictures when you return?

logankstewart said...

@Crystal: Aye, Ian liked the cake quite a bit I'd say. I'm not sure whether there will be pictures of the rafting or not. We'll see.

Brandon said...

119...that's astonishingly miserable!

Glad to hear your brother's home safe :)

logankstewart said...

@Brandon: Yes, astonishingly hot indeed. Not too pleasant stepping outside.

David Wagner said...

Kids are awesome. Real treasures.

Salutes and honor and respect to your brother. Tough job for tough men. Glad he's safe and was able to come home for his son's first birthday.

logankstewart said...

@David: Yes, definitely an answer to prayers. Now to keep him safe to finish out his tour.