Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things About Logan (Part 4)

Wherein the continuing saga of personal revelations are brought to light.  Links for the previous editions are at the bottom.

a.  Lots of new music have I received lately, through either purchase or trade, including, but not limited to, Bright Eyes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Damien Rice, Cold War Kids, Arcade Fire, Ryan Adams, Hanson, Monsters of Folk, Andrew Peterson, John Mark McMillan, Luke Dowler, and a few others. 
b.  I bought Fallout: New Vegas today.
c.  My yard is getting aerated and seeded on Thursday.  I know very little about lawn care.
d.  I sometimes wonder about other bloggers that are no longer active and wonder what happened to them.  Did they tire of the blogosphere?  I hope they're okay.
e.  Peter said to Paul you know all those songs we wrote... 
f.  My head pastor resigned on Sunday.  The church is in for an interesting few months as we work through everything.
g.  I wrote a new song yesterday.  Maybe I'll put it up here when I get it recorded. 
h.  I'm watching (and even enjoying) Glee.  I'm not sure why.
i.  I sliced into my thumb yesterday while chopping potatoes.  On the bright side, this recipe for zuppa toscano soup tasted exactly like Olive Garden's.
j.  I really want to retry the Wheel of Time series again.  I love the new ebook covers, and all the hype for the next book is making me excited.
j.5.  ...are just the rules of the game and the rules are the first to go...
k.  Stella & Sofie may both have ear mites.  Ugh.
l.  Going to a Halloween party Saturday.  Got a beautiful costume planned.  Expect pictures.  Maybe.
o.  Uncertainty, especially in important things, like design work for a project, is a difficult thing to deal with.  I'm not sure how confident I am in some of my work, partially because I've only had my job for 17 months, partially because everything I've done has been self-taught, and partially because engineering requires educated guesses.
oo.  ...Now talking to God is Laurel begging Hardy for a gun...
g2.  It's hard to believe that something like the narwhal actually exists.
a1.  Just about everything I eat kills my stomach.
p.  The del sol is giving me a little trouble.  I think it's the starter, but, like with lawn work, I know very little about vehicles.
q.  Going through the book of Matthew in Sunday School has been really great.  We're progressing only a few verses per week because of the awesome discussions.
w.  One new blog I've been reading:  OmphaloskepsisInteresting book notes there. 
24.  It's really hard to beat Bruce Springsteen.  I'd love to see the Boss in concert...
y.  I miss college.  Too bad I can't make money as a professional student.
zRED looks like a pretty sweet movie.  So does Hereafter.
(z.)   Fall is still my favorite season.
[z.]  ...I've got a girl in the war man I wonder what it is we've done.
*.  I come to complete stops at STOP signs; I use my turn signals; I don't speed like crazy; it irks me to see people doing otherwise.
&.  My ipod is near capacity full.  This is going to be problematic sometime relatively soon. 

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Anonymous said...

love this post.. and not just because of "w".

whenever I see Bright Eyes' name I always think of Slobberbone's Bright Eyes Darkened--every time.

What is it that you do, other than singer/songwriter?

Hope the transition time at church goes smoothest.

am going to check out that Zuppa recipe as it is so much soup season and the Olive Garden fare is delish.

I love autumn, too, especially since I do not have worry about lawn care--as in I smile every time I see someone else raking leaves.

while the narwhal does seem bizarre I learned the other day that the Platypus has more than a few kinds of poisonous venom at its disposal; as if it were not already an odd duck-like creature.


David Wagner said...

PLEASE do a post on your initial impressions of Fallout New Vegas. I'm sure I'll get it eventually (I loved FO3 so much), but when I get it will depend on the enthusiasm of a few trusted sources, yourself among them...

logankstewart said...

@L: I'm a civil engineer by day, where I work as a highway drainage engineer. The platypus has venom at its disposal?! How crazy!

@Dave: I think I shall, whenever I get a chance to do more than just make my character (which is all I've done so far)...

ibeeeg said...

This is a great post. I love reading other people's list such as yours.

I listen Bright Eyes, but I am not that well up on their music as there are only a few songs I listen to. I see you listen to Andrew Peterson. If he is the same person I am thinking of then I have recently started listening to his music..I like.

I see that you really want to read the WoT books, and yeah...it is the hype of the next book that helps keep me moving forward. But I think I already told you, I am really liking this fourth book, Shadow Rising. Anyhow, I absolutely agree with you...the ebook covers are great...I love them too. I wish the print books had great covers.

Your ipod is near full...problem indeed. I just noticed today that my Zune is near full capacity...I am thinking of what I will do when that happens...probably get rid of some audiobooks, and music I don't listen to.

Last, but not least....Springsteen is one of my favorites. He is in on my top 5 list of favorite bands/artists. He really does rock! I would love to see him in concert...again! He puts on an amazing show...at least he did eons ago, and am thinking he still will.

Again...fun post!!

Crystal said...

One of my greatest fears.... my iPod being full. Knowing me, I would probably just buy another iPod. I have the 160g iPod and I have about 5300 songs on it. Still plenty of room.

I just saw Arcade Fire in concert. Probably one of the best concerts i've been to. Sadly, I have not seen The Boss. He's on my list. Now he just needs to come to Seattle.

I've been thinking about listening to the rest of the WoT series on CD. I barely made it through book 1.

Narwhals rock!

Kristopher A. Denby said...

Things in common:

i.(except for finding the good recipe, I was making my own recipe for Green Chili Chicken Soup--yummy--and it was on Wednesday)

o. *sigh*

a1. (Some folks have a cast iron stomach. Mine must be fashioned out of tin foil.)

24. (I have been listening to a lot of Springsteen lately--especially Born To Run.)

(z.) (I'm LOVING it)

[z.] (I've learned to ignore this because I get so upset about it, but it still gets me now and then.)

Cool post, Logan.

logankstewart said...

@ibeeeg: Aye, it's devastating that my ipod is almost full. When I bought it a few years ago, I never thought I'd fill up 30gigs of music.

@Crystal: I think I'm at about 6500 songs or so, and I like most of them with any mood I'm in. Good luck with WoT audio. That's what I tried for The Great Hunt and couldn't make it through.

@Kris: Green Chili Chicken Soup. That sounds fantastic right now.

@ALL: Three cheers for those who love the Boss!

Carl V. said...

So great to be back in the Fallout universe. I think I've logged about 30 hours into New Vegas thus far. Having a lot of fun with it, just like I did with Fallout 3.

You MUST put up your Halloween costume pics.

Sorry to hear about your pastor. Changes like this are always hard and I pray that your congregation weathers this with peace and grace.

logankstewart said...

@Carl: I've not really done much of anything but explore so far, but aye, it's great to be back in the Wastes.

Carl V. said...

My experience thus far is that stimpaks are fewer and farther between, but you can drink water in places to replenish health. I assume there are places in New Vegas itself that have merchants with more items. Its been really fun thus far and I like the updates they have made in gameplay. Though not radically different, they are interesting.