Thursday, November 11, 2010

For Veterans Day 2010

For Veterans Day today, I'd like to bring attention to my brother, Jake, who is currently serving over in Afghanistan.  My brother has been written about every so often here on Rememorandom (here), and its no secret that I love and respect him tremendously.  He's about fourteen months younger than me and has been in the military since he was eligible, which was around six years ago or so.  Jake is not only active in the national guard, but he also works at the local outpost, doing mechanical stuff on trucks and whatnot. 

His first son, Ian, was born in the fall of 09.  Come January of 2010, he was to deploy for his second tour, this one in Afghanistan instead of Iraq.  He would be gone for a year or so, with one brief stint of R&R break.  This time around, Jake's doing stuff with military escorts and is on the road most of the time.  (I think this makes me even more nervous than when he was in Iraq, but then again, I try not to think about it much.)  He's scheduled to come home in January or March, and I pray for his safe return.

Brother, thank you for serving our country.  Thank you for going where so many will not.  I'm sorry that you've had to miss your so many of your son's Firsts.  I'm thankful that there are people like you willing to give whatever is called for for the US.  And to all the other veterans out there, you have my eternal gratitude. 


Carl V. said...

Thank you so much Jake for your service and sacrifice to protect our freedoms and liberties. My family appreciate it more than you will ever know.

And thank you and your family, and Jakes, for the sacrifices that you also make in lending the country something as precious as the life and time of Jake for the good of our nation. We too pray for his safe and quick return.

logankstewart said...

Well said, Carl. Well, said.