Thursday, November 18, 2010

(Harry Potter) So Much to Say, (Harry Potter) So Much to Say, (Harry Potter) So Much to Say...

I don't know what to write about.  I've got so many different tangents I could go on, each deserving a post.  There's a book review of Wizard of Earthsea I could post.  There's some various musing.  But I'd be lying if I said Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows isn't top of my brain right now.

I have that giddy, excited feeling bubbling away inside, knowing that tonight I shall get to feast mine eyes on a glorious sight.  I mean, how can someone watch those trailers and not feel like a little kid again?  How does that poster not make your lips salivate?

For that matter, how the heck can people not like the Boy Who Lived?  As far as I'm concerned, Harry Potter is one of my top favorite series out there.  Ever.  Sure, it might be because I was eleven when The Sorcerer's Stone came out and that I grew with the gang as they grew.  So what if my imagination was wrapped in their world for the next decade?  Yeah, I went to the midnight release of Hallows when the last book came out.  Yeah, I bought two copies so my wife and I could each read it.  Yeah, I broke down and lay in a fetal position crying for two days straight after finishing the last page, upset that there were no other books left for me to read, and I only came to myself after a tiny elfin fellow walked out of the closet and took a pee on my head.  Nobody gets to pee on me!

See, the point is, I grew up with Harry.  Ron.  Hermione.  Rowling may not be the world's best writer, but the lady is great in her craft.  Many times she had me laughing out loud at something someone said or did.  Her imagination was boundless.  Her stories captivating.  Her mysteries grandiose.  I could sing praises to Rowling and her boy wizard, but I feel they would be echoes in a global canyon.

If this film is halfway as good as the last few have been, and as I've been led to believe from the sweet trailers, then I'll be pleased.  And I've no doubt that it'll be good.

I'll leave it at this.  I'm going to watch The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 tonight at midnight.  In Imax.  I should hopefully be in bed 'ere 3:30.  I'll be getting up at 5:40 to go and meet Will & Alex at Starbucks at 6:00 for some theological talk and world-viewing.  And tomorrow is Clint's birthday, so we'll be Chuck-E-Cheesin' it up tomorrow night after work.  It's very likely that I'll have a film review tomorrow.  Very Likely.

Anyone else watching the midnight show?


Jay Belt said...

Good luck. While I'm looking forward to it being released, I'm still a little hesitant. I didn't like how the represented Half-blood Prince on the big screen.

But... it was my favorite book in the whole series. So I will add the caveat that they had a lot to live up to expectation wise for that movie. And I just don't think they captured the dark feeling of the book and instead focused more on the awkward teenager dating scenes and humor.

Not that it matters. I'll still be at the movies this weekend watching it. :)

ibeeeg said...

I am going to the midnight show with two of my daughters (11 and 13) and my Mom. The 13 year old is beyond excited, and she has also roped me into allowing a friend to tag along.
I am looking forward to seeing this movie. I must say though, the trailers are very creepy, and rather scary for younger children to be seeing.

A few years after Harry Potter first came out my oldest son (he is now 20) read the first couple of books...he mostly listened to a few auidobooks via cassettes (how times change). I did not get into the first book and thought it to be rather boring. Then again, I was already 30 once my son started reading this series. I did not get into Harry Potter until I started viewing the movies and then I was hooked. I read the last 3 or 4 books. A fantastic series, for sure.

By the way, we bought two copies of Hallows like you but one was for me and the other for my 13-year long has it been since its release? Time gets away from me.

Have fun at the showing tonight and I wish you well tomorrow as you proceed through the day with little sleep.

Anonymous said...


we are going saturday morning.

i am so freaking excited to go!

I thought that it must be great to grow up with a series like HP.. because of the way the series ages; even her writing improves.

I came to HP late, scoffing at the questionable writing talent for such a phenom. my husband (who was in his early 20s when the first book came out) loved them though, and the movies seemed entertaining enough. When Rowling killed off Dumbledore, I took notice; then the way Sean spoke about Snape; and when he was crying and all.. I became intrigued. I checked out all seven and inhaled them.

It was lovely to enjoy them again later with the daughter, though frustrating because we had to space them out, according to age appropriateness...also, it is hard to read aloud while crying; Sean and I had to negotiate which one of us could read which passages.

We reread the seventh book in september...we've speculated, huddled together around the trailers (they are quite thrilling) and now we are so ready to go. going to dust off Natalya's hogwarts robe and stuff our pockets with twizzler's and sour patch kids and wait in line.... but on Saturday, morning, during the daylight hours, with people who will be bringing their too young children...

may have to sneak out friday night.

you are right, it is good to feel that youthful energy again.

---look forward to your take on the film...after I see it for myself. Have a great time!


ibeeeg said...

L - you are one of the few people that I have heard say this...
"we had to space them out, according to age appropriateness"
That is exactly how I think the books ought to be read by children. A young reader should take time between the books because the books mature, and darken as the years go on.

logankstewart said...

@Jay: Enjoy!

@ibeeeg: I hope you enjoyed the movie. I know I did.

@L: Aye, to be and feel young. 'Tis wonderful.

Kristopher A. Denby said...

You went to work today?


logankstewart said...

@Kris: Aye, sleeps overrated.