Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Poem, Some Musing, and Six Halloween Pictures

"dark goes the night, smooth goes the date"
by logankstewart

change my clothes
out i go
a date tonight have i

long it's been
since my last sin
so long.  adieu.  goodbye.

lick my teeth
feel the slime
a blade goes in and out

you gasp "oh"
at my crime
blood falls from your spout

eyes go wide
from the cold
of steel on flesh on bone

hands dam up
staunch the flow
but you're already gone

quick as sin
toss my knife
in someone else's truck

see me smile
in waning light
unfortunate, their luck

wipe my hands
in the dirt
and off to eat i go

a date to get
a meal to split
and no one in the know.

I don't know what it is inside me that enjoys this sort of stuff.  It's not that I have hidden desires or twisted ideas.  I think, perhaps, that maybe it's the only way I can come to terms with the craziness of the world.  I've always been fascinated by the darker (see "On the Darker Side of Songs," "On Morbid Curiosity") things in life, though, oddly, I can't movies like Saw and Hostel.  There's just something unnerving about violence, something so gritty and horrible that it makes me sick at my stomach.  The dichotomy of my music tastes is astounding; I'm either listening to folky, acoustic tunes, which are often peppered with Darkness, or I'm listening to Contemporary Christian music.  It makes no bloody sense!

So if this is the case, then why do I find the recesses of my mind adventuring in such realms?  I'm happy.  I love life.  I'm not a disturbed person, and I have no horrific past that is buried below my surface.  I'm calm, patient, compassionate, nothing like the unsavory sorts from many of the songs and stories I hear/read.

Is it the passing of Halloween and the imminent autumn-like weather that turns my mind towards dark and heavy thoughts?  Is it from playing Fallout or reading The Passage?  I don't know what it is.  I think, perhaps, I'll blame it on....... Nic Cage.  Why not?  He's a fantastic guy.  I mean, have you seen Raising Arizona?  Okay then.

In Halloween's wake, I have some pictures.  There’s a Dr. Horrible pumpkin, which anyone that loves Joss Whedon should know, and anyone who's ne'er seen the wonderfulness of it should watch immediately and then be in the know.  It took about two hours or more to carve, and I was ready to quit before I was finished.  There’s a BOO Ghost, carved masterfully by the beautiful, pregnant (obligatory) wife.  It's cute.  There’s a close-up of Stella.  (We somehow never managed to snap one of Sofie close-up.)  There’s a full shot of both dogs, one as a flying monkey, the other as the wicked witch.  Keisha made both outfits.  And there’s my world-famous mullet champion picture, which I love, since the mullet is my actual hair color and blends seamlessly in with my sideburns and beard.


ibeeeg said...

I often wonder too at my mix of music tastes. I seem to fluctuate as you do. I also love to read dark (not dark in way of Stephen King but in way of grit of life) stories, and I think that is why I gravitate towards epic type fantasy reads. Actually, after fully and completely reading the Bible, I realized that amazing book satisfies my reading ways as well.

Great job on the pumpkin craving! They are awesome! We don't crave anymore because well...they get smashed more readily in our neighborhood, and it is really difficult to accomplish with our 7 ear old. However, my husband does a nice display of pumpkins, bale of hay, corn stalks, and scarecrow.

By the way, have you started reading The Way of the Kings? I see it on your sidebar. I have just obtained a signed copy. Look forward to starting my read of that book.

Okie said...

Great creepy poem. The almost sing-song rhyming/meter makes for an odd, disturbing combination with the actions and imagery of the poem. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

just when i finished reading your poem and was thinking, what a twisted morbid guy, you reassured me...that you were. i, too, am morbid in turns, and though i wouldn't say i was sane, i wouldn't say i was dangerous or creepy. you seem quite safe.

Dr. Horrible is Hilarious. I just read 'Dr. Horrible' and I chuckle. Those are great pumpkins, and great costumes.

Thanks for sharing the poem and the pics.


Kristopher A. Denby said...

Dude, don't apologize or make excuses for being a weirdo. Be comfortable with who you are.

This is a joke, of course.

Great, GREAT poem. You make me like poetry. And that is an awesome feat. Is there anything that you can't do at least moderately well?

logankstewart said...

@ibeeeg: Thank you. No, I've not started The Way of Kings yet. I'm thinking I may save that for a winter read. But it's awesome that you've a signed copy!

@Okie: I was definitely going for the creepy factor, so that's good. Thank you. Glad you liked.

@L: Aye, I consider myself quite safe as well, though with a dash of morbidity. Such is life, eh? And Cheers for Dr. Horrible!

@Kris: That's funny. Weirdos for the win, I say. And thanks for the very nice complement.