Friday, December 17, 2010

Patrick Rothfuss' THE WISE MAN'S FEAR Update

Just minutes ago, the esteemed SFF blogger Aidan Moher of A Dribble of Ink posted up "An Aside: The First Review of THE WISE MAN'S FEAR by Patrick Rothfuss."  As a devout minion of Mr. Rothfuss, I greedily read Aidan's aside, and then followed his link to's website with the actual review, which I now pass on to you by way of clicking here.  In short, the wait is so definitely worth it.

Hold on a second.  If The Wise Man's Fear is to be released on March 1, 2011, that gives me a little over two months to re-read The Name of the Wind (it'd be my 3rd or 4th time, but ironically, I've not done a book review over this, my absolute most favorite book ever, nor do I think I could do it justice...) before the new book gets to my house.

See, I've already got the book pre-ordered from  If I'm lucky, maybe it'll actually arrive early.  (Let's not consider it arriving late.)  And, to make it even more awesome, I didn't have to pay a dime for the book.  A few weeks ago, I earned $5 in Borders bucks, and then Borders sent me another special offering me $10 in Borders bucks for a limited time.  So, with this $15, a 40% off coupon, and a loaded Borders card, I pre-ordered the book and it was all paid for from either Borders or my gift card funds. 

My mind's kind of gone loopy.  Whenever I start thinking about The Name of the Wind I get all excited and fangirlish.  It's embarrassing.  Stop it!  :)

Crap.  I just used an emoticon...  Is there a shot at redemption for me?

Just to be clear, has a review of Patrick Rothfuss' second book of his Kingkiller Chronicles, The Wise Man's Fear.  If you want to read this spoiler-free review, click here.


Kristopher A. Denby said...

I follow Rothfuss's blog (and Aidan's) and I knew there were ARC's of the book out there. Nice to see that Aidan got hold of a copy. I hesitate to read the review, though. I'm looking more forward to this sequel than any other book right now. And it will be out just in time for my birthday. What a present!

Thanks for the heads up, Lo!

logankstewart said...

Yeah, I was hesitant, but there are some reviewers I trust to not throw spoilery out there, and this was one of them. Man, what I would give to get an ARC copy...