Monday, February 07, 2011

iShine NLT Bible (for Girls), a Review

The iShine Bible NLT (for Girls) is a low-frills, basic bible designed for tween girls in a contemporary society.  I was expecting more features from this, but instead there are three supplemental sections aimed at girls to let them know that to God they are a VIP and a smattering of helpful footnotes for reading.

My favorite thing about this bible is the opening section.  There are several pages of common questions people ask in life, such as "Is it okay to ...?" or "Why does ...?"  This Q&A section is simplistic and useful for a questioning tween, and all answers give scriptural references for consultation or further reading.  Also, as mentioned above, the bible makes use of footnotes, and some of these are helpful for the reader.

The bible itself is fine, and the language of the NLT is great for this age group.  However, the text may be too small or too close together for some to optimally use.  The big disappointment was the lack of flair.  Only three sections, a scant 30 pages or so, exist to make this bible targeted for tween girls.  These sections are standouts, as they're highly glossy and colorized, filled with images of today's teens.  Personally, if I were in this age group I think I would be looking for something more interactive, more personal, more engaging, not something that is shiny to look at.

That said, the bible is commendable for its pink cover and its compact size.  If a girl is wanting a pink, girly bible that's easy to read, the iShine Bible NLT (for girls) is perfect.  But if they're wanting something more in-depth, this is not the one for them.

Note: There is also a version of this bible available for boys in the same age group, and I imagine it is the exact same but for color and the three VIP sections.

FTC Thing: I received this book freely from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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Sounds cute for the tween set :-)