Thursday, March 03, 2011

I Had This Dream Last Night

I had this dream last night, where it was Friday next and I was in Lexington to see Pat Rothfuss.  For some reason the book store was a Borders (mayhap because of my pre-ordering problem), even though Pat's signing is at Joseph-Beth next week.  I was there with some of my friends from college, the same guys I went white water rafting with a few months back for William's bachelor party.  William was driving his truck, and Bill, Gaurav, Adam Graham, Chandresh (he didn't raft with us, but he was present nevertheless), and myself were all crammed in William's truck.  It was raining, storming, drawing late.  We arrived at the mall where the signing was to take place and I went in and picked up my copy of the book.  The queue completely filled up Borders and spilled well over into the halls and antechambers of the mall.  Near the end of the line, I decided to go hang out with my friends.  In the dream, time passed quickly, and soon it was almost 10pm and the line had moved only slightly.  Still, Pat was signing away, even though he was getting a bit frazzled.  We decided to wait in the truck for a while, and I thought about just leaving so everyone else could get some sleep.  Besides, I had to drive three hours back home.  But they all assured me it was alright and I should go back in, so I did.  The line was practically non-existent when I returned.  The Borders, for some odd reason, was filled with Christmas trees.  Scores of gold-and-red decorated trees, lights a-burning, surrounded the aisle that led up to Pat's raised dais, where he was surrounded by even more Christmas decor.  As I approached him I noticed he was wearing a wig, red dreadlocks dangling in neat order.  His personal assistant had on two wigs, one on top of the other.  I nervously watched the people in front of me chat with Pat and get their books signed.  Soon it was my turn, the last in line, and I stepped up in front of Pat's table.  He looked at me with disinterest in his eyes; my heart broke a bit.  There was something else, too, though it was slippery and I couldn't quite grasp what the look held.  I presented my book, but instead of signing he turned to the manager of the Borders and began talking.  I looked past him onto the Christmas trees below and tried to understand what was going on.  Pat began talking about his ostrich farm and how he mined iron there in order to make sweet rings, like the one he was wearing and showing off.  The manager was impressed.  Pat said that even though it was late he was still interested in attending the poker tournament, and I saw a few card tables off to the side of some Christmas trees.  Finally Pat turned back to me and signed his name and then I went away, tail tucked and brain addled.  How could I have forgotten about the joint signing & poker game?  As I left I realized I forgot to have him sign my Princess and Mr. Whiffle, but that was okay.

Pat was like the King of Christmas or something.  He reminded me a lot of the Ghost of Christmas Present.  And the poker game?  What the heck?  But, oddest of all, is the ostrich farm.  Really?

On a related note, I got a copy of Wise Man's Fear yesterday.  I found out I don't have to buy a book at the signing and I had a gift card to my local bookstore, so it's a win-win.  So far, the book's awesome, even if it is causing weird dreams.


David Wagner said...

He didn't wager the quarter you sent him, did he? That would have sucked! Anyway, you're right, weird dream! Good luck at the signing. I decided not to attend the signing here in San Diego.

Paula Titus said...

Wow, you dream in details! Strange ones, but still. Makes for a good post if nothing else. :)

logankstewart said...

@Dave: Tsk tsk tsk... Honestly, if it were any other author I don't think I'd be so excited, nor would I necessarily make the trek, but for Pat it's no contest.

@Paula: Aye, I do dream in details, and I always have. I have a knack for remembering most of the stuff, too, even dreams from when I was a wee lad.