Friday, March 04, 2011

Miscellaneous Miscellany

There's many things a-brewing in the wonderful world.  Morning Bell, release me, release me....

1.  There's an official release date for GRRM's long awaited, highly anticipated, vastly overdo A Dance With Dragons, the fifth volume of the magnificent Song of Ice and Fire series.  According to all the reputable bloggers that I follow (Wert, Pat, Graeme, Aidan, and John), as well as GRRM himself, the hard publication date is July 12.  The book's not quite finished, but close enough that GRRM and the publisher have confidence that it will be completed in time for printing this summer.  If it does come out (and I really hope it does), then 2011 is shaping up to be the Year for Fantasy.

2.  I think I may go watch The Adjustment Bureau tomorrow.  I love me some Matt Damon.

3.  Little babies' eyes eyes eyes........

4.  I crafted a feast fit for a medieval lord and his lady last night, following closely this recipe, but changing up a few things.  'Twas a most delicious meal, even if the serfs scratched at my legs and begged for spare crumbs.  A flagon of ale or a goblet of wine would have been pleasant, but as my lady is with child we chose water instead.

5.  When I am king you will be first against the wall...

6.  Let us take a moment to look at the trends of my utility bills and usage.

Fascinating, I daresay.  One may notice the spike of water consumption for this current 'fiscal' year, and that was after I had my yard re-seeded and had to water like a madman.  Living next to a river, I don't feel bad about this at all.  I did feel bad about the bill, though...

7.  How do we really know what we know?  What proof do we have that the green that I see is the same green that you see?  Is it?  Who's to say that there aren't subtle differences in people's eyes that have minute changes to things?  Or does cinnamon taste the same to me as someone else?  Why does one man like its flavor and another find it repulsive?  Is it mere preference?  If it's true for the sense of taste, surely this must be true for the other senses, too?  Does a pinch not hurt some more than others?  Or a slap in the face?  Or the smell of fresh hyacinths may cause one to break out into hives while the other enjoys a moment of ecstasy.  And surely the differences in music and tone are evident between people.  So again, how do we really know what we know?  Isn't what we know only relative to the individual and we make vast assumptions for the rest of the world?  Seems rather selfish to me...

7b.  Did you think twice about the last sentence above in light to its previous sentence?

7c.  Is my being clever pretentious or in good humor?

8.  Wakey wakey rise and shine it's on again off again on again...

9.   This week's memory verse is from John 1:12,13.  
"But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God, who are born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."
    That's some good stuff there.  Makes me think about the ones that don't receive Him...

10.  Do not cry out or hit the alarm, you know we're friends til we die...

11.  I never tire of listening to Radiohead.  "Climbing up the Walls" may possibly be one of the best songs of all time.  It's beautiful, yet somehow sinister, and the explosion at the end leaves your heart pumping.  If you've not listened to it in a while (or never heard it), check it.  It sounds like a madman finally losing it.  (In fact, I think it's about a mental hospital or insanity or something.)

12.  We had some beautiful weather this past week here in Kentucky.  I spent it outside barefoot working on some chairs that needed stripping and sanding.  I also spent it picking up dog crap out of the back yard and weeding dead hostas from around the mailbox and absorbing sun into my heavily freckled arms.

13.  Only fifty pages or so into Wise Man's Fear, but this weekend will proffer me much desired free time.

14.  If you feel like listening to a sermon that could possibly rock your world a little, then check this out.  It deals with really loving people and overcoming pride.  I don't really consider my self proud, but wow, after this I've been thinking about how much I really love people and what I do for them.  Francis Chan is an amazing preacher of the Word, and I recommend everyone give this a listen if you've got an hour or so. 

15.  Enjoy the weekend.  Don't lick the grapes.


Bill said...

Logan! How could you!?!

There's no units on your graph axes! I AM APPALLED!

How are we to know whether your water consumption is measured in kilo-quids and power in macaroons? It's madness I say!

Anonymous said...

1--sean was just complaining this morning about this book taking its time coming out. GRRM better be practicing healthy living and safe driving!!

2--that looks fantastic.. I said, "wow, reminds me of The Way Through Doors (by Jesse Ball)." sean said, "I was thinking Dark City." we both not surprised to find it based on a Philip K. Dick short story.

11--not sure I would vote that song the best, having my own tastes and all, but I do love the album.. actually, I like most their albums, though the newest is a bit hit and miss, I have been liking the experience the past few days.


14. Chan is quite talented.

15. likewise.


ibeeeg said...

I cannot wait to read ADWD, but I will believe the release date once that book is in my hands. :) I agree,with the release of ADWD as well as a few others, it looks like a great fantastical year for 2011.

Your meal looks fabulous. Love your description of said meal.

Okay man, your number 7 is far too close to how I think. All of those questions that I do indeed ponder with a few tweaks here and there.

Umm...yeah, I thought twice, thank you very much.

Number 9, I think the same thought as you do, often.

Have a fabulous weekend, and I sure do hope you are able to do tons of reading, and that The Wise Man's Fear lives up to expectations.

Carl V. said...

Delicious looking meal. Hi marks for presentation! :)

We are going to see The Adjustment Bureau on Wednesday morning. Taking the day off to do that then go see Little Big Town in concert that night.

David Wagner said...

3. O_O

7c. Cleverness, for any reason, is always a good thing...

10. But I barely *know* you!

13. I think I'm going to save my copy of WMF for when I want to reward myself for being a good boy...

Paula Titus said...

#7c. Good Humor. I'll have mine coated with chocolate, on a stick. :)

logankstewart said...

@Bill: Yeah yeah, because my utility company doesn't list the units either, and I don't want to assume any particular unit. This isn't thermodynamics. I don't have the right to put my assumptions at the top of the page any more.

@L: Seems like I get a new Radiohead favorite every time I listen to them. "Idioteque" and "Wolf at the Door" and "Myxomatosis" and "Paranoid Android" and "Airbag" are some other contenders.

@ibeeeg: My #7 boggles me to no end, though it's fruitless thinking, eh?

@Carl: I hope you enjoy the movie more than I did. I saw Little Big Town in concert back when they were first getting started. They opened for John Mellancamp, and LBT was scores better than the Cougar. Have fun!

@Dave: It's a good reward, that's a fact.

@Paula: Mmm.... anything on a stick is high quality goodness.