Monday, June 06, 2011

A Minor Change to Rememorandom

If you read this blog using a feed reader or facebook, this will not affect you.  If, however, you prefer the old-fashioned method of reading (really, how old-fashioned can it get?  We're talking about blogging, which is barely a decade old...) and you come to the site directly, you'll likely notice a change atop the screen.  What once was plain and simple is now chic and sleek, thanks to an old pal from high school.

Kenneth, as he was known back in the day, always had great talent as an artist, and there was little doubt in my mind that he would continue down this path for his career.  Too much talent for anything else.  Anyway, a few days ago he had a post up on facebook asking if anyone needed any free graphic design work, looking for a few places to put his name out there.  My mind thought of this meager blog and thought that it could use some light sprucing up, so I sent him a message and we fell into discussion.

Me being completely ignorant of how this stuff works, I was probably difficult to work with.  I knew I wanted something sleek, with subtle lights and a background that was congruous with the current body background.  I picked out a few fonts and gave some color ideas and that was about it.  Shortly, Kenneth (a la had me a few samples to peruse.  I liked what I saw and took to putting one up here.

But O Blogger, if it were only as simple as that.  I had to go into the HTML of the template and play around, spending a good two or three hours learning the few things I needed to know in order to get the image atop, centered, and positioned correctly.  I wanted to create a dynamic affect that would change up the header upon each page refresh, but I couldn't figure it out.  I also couldn't figure out how to get the old header (which was simply text) set to transparent on Internet Explorer* (and possibly other browsers besides Firefox), so I opted to clear it all out and replace it with an ominous "." for now.  Perhaps I'll figure out this stuff at some point, and if I do, it'll be known.

In short, I am Jack's simple son when it comes to computer code beyond very basic HTML or VBA syntax.  Java might as well be French.  Heck, HTML might as well be Spanish.  I can recognize several words and understand simple structures, but anything beyond Spanish II and I get confused. 

In long, and most importantly, I am very pleased with the new header for Rememorandom.  I think it looks excellent, and I think Kenneth did a fantastic job on the little he had to go on.  He was patient and understanding and prompt and professional.  If any of you are in need of any design work, you can check out Kenneth's site at

Thanks Kenneth!  Best of luck.

*Relatedly, I've recently switched over to IE at work.  I'm loth to do so, but Firefox and a 15 year old computer don't jive well for some reason.  IE is somewhat more... responsive.


ibeeeg said...

I think your blog header looks fantastic. Congrats to you in figuring out how to place your header. The time it takes to learn this stuff can be lengthy and least for me.

Between you and Carl, the need to change things up at my blog has grown stronger. The advantage that you both have is in the knowing of a talent. Me, I need to figure it out all on my lonesome which is an overwhelming thought thus no change....yet.

Enjoy the new header; an added touch of freshness to your already great looking blog.

Bill said...

Agreed, the new header looks terrific! And I can't believe work expects anyone to be productive on a 15-year old machine. Then again, it must be nice to take a coffee break anytime Excel freezes for 10 minutes because you tried to run a macro.

Anonymous said...

the header does look great! I'm with Deanna, your and Carl's updating has me itching to make some design changes. will have to psyche myself up though, because wordpress isn't any nicer with messing with headers, at least, on the templates I am attracted to.

It's wonderful that the you and your friend could help each other out. I adore that name: designaftermath. very clever. will keep him in mind if I come across a query for design work.

~L (omphaloskepsis)

Angie said...

Looks great!

Carl V. said...

I like it!!!

Kenn Glenn said...

Thanks for the kind words and shameless plug, and you were a very easy client to work with. ( you asked for zero revisions ) Keep it classy sir.

logankstewart said...

@ibeeeg: Thank you! Me gusta. Good luck whenever you dive into the code. It's definitely overwhelming...

@Bill: No kidding. It literally takes half an hour to boot up or shut down. I've longed to junk this crap plenty, but I've restrained myself. Once my main system crashed and I had to use Windows NT for a week...

@L: Aye, designaftermath has a nice ring to it. I figured wordpress would be nicer than blogger.... huh. Well, best of luck if you update!

@Angie: Thank you!

@Carl: Thank you, too, sir.

@Kenneth: I'll endeavor to keep what class I have. ;) Thanks!