Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ah, September, you come in like a lusty youth and leave like an aged hag.  Wait.  It's still August.  Erm...

Ah, August, your love is as unforgiving as an oven and a splash of grease from the griddle.  Like your nefarious cousin July, your vendetta against humans of the Northern Hemisphere is uncalled for and bothersome.  Would it be too much to ask for a reprieve?  No?  September, you say.  Bah.  If that's so, then I can wait another day.  I'm sure the battle 'twixt the two of you will be heated (pun alert!) and fierce, but there's no doubt that September will prove victorious.  And with her vict'ry comes Autumn.

Autumn, of course, brings about deep stirrings in the heart.  The rush of summer dies (there are no dog days, alas) and the calming, dying, beautiful season of Fall begins.  One cannot help but turn to books of a darker nature in these times, and this is where the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril Challenge comes in.  For the last five years, Carl has hosted this "challenge" for the purpose of enjoying the darker types of writing.  Mystery.  Suspense.  Thrillers.  Dark Fantasy.  Horror.  Gothic.  Supernatural.  The things that keep you up late at night, afraid to turn a page, but unable to stop.

Last year was the first time I participated in a RIP challenge, and it proved fun and contagious.  There was no doubt I would be signing up again.  Even without Carl's challenge, this is the season where this type of reading calls to me strongest.

I am officially signing up for Peril, the Second.  The challenge is to read two books that meet the classifications (of which are widely variable).  I intend on dipping into Poe or Lovecraft for some short stories, as well, and possibly some graphic novels, too.  (Carl, methinks there should be a Peril, the Graphica or something...)  With a new baby, I can't say for sure whether or not I'll meet the challenge, but I think it should be no problem.

To Be Read Imbibed
House of Leaves, by Mark Danielewski
In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote
The Walking Dead Volumes 11-14, by Robert Kirkman

House of Leaves has been on my TBR shelf for a double-plus long time.  I'm a sucker for unique formats, and idly flipping through the book a few years back I knew I'd have to read it at some point.  Likewise, Capote's In Cold Blood is such a defining work of art in the "true crime" genre that I've wanted to read it for a while.  I suspect this will be the most horrifying of all that I read, knowing that the accounts therein are true and could very well happen again.  I also hope to continue in Robert Kirkman's bleak-but-hopeful Walking Dead series, as it's been a while since I last dove into these waters.

If your heart has an affinity for the darker side and you'd like to join in the fun, you can check out Carl's post for a full set of instructions.  Or, if you'd rather just read people's reviews and get some more books for your TBR pile, you can do that to.


Anonymous said...

In Cold Blood is a FANTASTIC choice!

DesLily said...

well if you joined once and have joined again... you are officially HOOKED! lol...hooray for RIP!

Carl V. said...

As I said elsewhere I am anxious to read your thoughts on House of Leaves. Haven't been courageous enough to pull my copy off the shelf. It looks so inviting though.

I am thrilled you are participating again this year.

Your thoughts on August are so perfectly phrased. The first of September isn't going to give us any reprieve either, the forecast for tomorrow is 100 degrees. It is supposed to drop to a "cool" 88 by Saturday. I'm hoping for at least that.

Anonymous said...

love the similes, lol; brilliant.

am very much looking forward to your review of House of Leaves. looks like you've a great list. We've been trying to read The Walking Dead (at least Sean has) but the Library has yet to get them (which is odd). What do you think of the show by comparison?

I like the graphic novel peril idea, too. ... maybe collect some titles to recommend or work from?

Anywho, very excited you are participating this year, too!!


logankstewart said...

@reviewsbylola: Excellent. This will be the second book I read during the challenge, hopefully.

@DesLily: Indeed, hooked I am!

@Carl: A shame, too, that on the holiday weekend it'll be so hot. Labor Day, at least, looks to be much cooler.

@L: I'm stunned that the library doesn't have them. That's where I've got every volume I've read so far. I really enjoyed Season 1 of the show quite a bit, and felt that it captured a lot of the mood of the books, though it lost a lot of subtlety and story-telling. Still, it was a great adaptation, I thought.

Kailana said...

I am curious about House of Leaves. I look forward to your review!

Chrisbookarama said...

I still haven't got the nerve to read In Cold Blood. The real murder and mayhem scares me more than the spookiest novel. At least I can tell myself, "it's just fiction." Hope you enjoy it though!

Moo said...

I really look forward to your thoughts on the House of Leaves. I read it when it was first published amide tons of buzz and hype and found it a little gimmicky. But over the years I kept thinking about it so I re-read it for RIP a couple of years ago and really thought it was well done. And it is still the scariest house I have ever encountered.