Friday, January 13, 2012

Introducing the Revised Rememorandom

In short, I've given Rememorandom the most extreme makeover its ever received.  Ever since I've began blogging, my layout has always been similar.  There have been a few changes here and there, but never anything like this.  I've always stuck with a dark theme, liking the moody contrast of white text on dark backgrounds, with hints of green and grey lingering about.

After piddling around last night with Keisha on the possibility of her starting a blog, a spark wedged itself into my mind.  I like change.  It forces awkwardness and growth and learning.  Even change for the worse can be fruitful.  So, dear readers, any input?  Any problems viewing on your home screens?

Bits & Pieces

  • I've not mentioned it before, but David Crowder Band's latest and final cd was released this week.  I've been enamored.  However, no review proper will be showing up here, at least not in the foreseeable future.  No sir, a masterpiece as glorious as it deserves something else.  I'm working on a review that I will be submitting for hopeful acceptance in the 2012 Spring Edition of TalyaWren, a zine crafted by fellow blogger and frequent commenter L and her family.  This year's proceeds go to support Door to Grace, an Oregon mission that combats human trafficking.
  • Anyone else make use of Google Music?  I've recently fell in love.
  • Today is Keisha's birthday.  She turns 24, and is still growing in beauty with each passing day.
  • Sunday is my birthday.  I'm still getting balder and beardier with each passing day.
  • I failed to mention that Avonlea sprouted teeth recently.  Two, in fact.  They're like tomahawk heads in her mouth, sharp and jagged.  Such a cute thing, though.
  • Dunkin' Donuts moved into town.  I've never had 'em before.  Me, I've always been a Mom & Pop local bakery kind of guy.  Nevertheless, I tried it out.  Donuts tasted like they were a day or two old and came from Kroger.  The coffee was pretty good, though.
  • First major snowfall yesterday.  About an inch or so.  Bitter cold.
  • Francis Chan continually blows my mind and challenges me.  
  • No Skyrim updates.  I've not played it all week, come to think of it.  Still much to do, but not enough time to put in to another imaginary world.


Anonymous said...

looks nice here! I was a bit startled and verified I was in the right place. :)

--looking forward to reading the review.
--haven't. been on spotify, but the length of the commercials is incredible. course, I use spotify to listen to albums we don't own and like Pandora, find new artists.
--happy birthday Keisha.. and you!
--aw, baby teeth. love the image there, btw.
--mmm, donuts.
--we were supposed to get snow but it tormented Denver instead. still, the cold. and the wind. does it get fairly windy there?
--my friend Leah raves about Chan.
--I wasn't sure people could get out of Skyrim.


ibeeeg said...

Looks good. Wish I could figure out how to put buttons on my blog. But then that would require me to be much more organized with content.

~ the zine is great. My daughter plans on submitting.

~ Have not heard of Google Music. Please enlighten me. I use Pandora.

~ Happy Birthday to Keisha.

~ I tend to forget how young you two are. Balder and beardier you say? I feel as if you are an old soul young in years.

~ How fun to find excitement in the first tooth...all those firsts, enjoy this time.

~ Dunkin Donuts, not a fan.

~ We had close to 8 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. So beautiful. Love it.

~ Googled Francis Chan, sort of have a clue now. Are you following a blog of his, or reading stuff by him?

~ Whoa! You have not played Skyrim all week? What's up? My girls LOVE Skyrim, and so do I. Although, I royally suck. The controls are controlling me. I am happy that I have become much better with finding my way around without walking into walls or almost falling off of mountains, etc.

Alex Hagerman said...

- Give Us Rest was and is amazing. I don't think I could really write a review short enough to encourage use on a blog, and there would be a lot of personal attachment since I've been listening since Can You Hear Us.

I never got to deep into Google Music. I typically have my laptop or the iPhone with me for my music and I've been sticking with my own personal library since reading Webb's posts on the effects of online distribution channels and the effect on the artist.

Happy B-Day hope it was well.

And a Happy B-Day to you. We will have to celebrate the next time you are up.


That's a bummer on the donuts, I enjoy Mom and Pop but typically Dunkin has the best blue berry and chocolate cake donuts. Can't wait for the one that's opening on Bardstown here.

And lastly Chan is definitely mind boggling in how much he can pour his heart out in words, however I haven't heard much since finishing Erasing Hell.

logankstewart said...

@L: KY's climate is probably the most bizarre in the States. We occasionally get wind storms that render us powerless, blizzards, floods, droughts, and most other possible natural disasters. And the humidity ranges from desert-like dry to jungle-damp. Such is life.

@ibeeeg: Ha, I just told Keisha the other day that we were old souls. Perhaps there's some truth in that. As for Chan, I listen to his sermons that have been podcasted, I'm currently reading one of his books, and I'm going through a video series for the Sunday School class I teach. The guy is the most passionate and humblest teacher of the Word I've ever seen.

@Alex: Yuck. You would like Dunkin! I've not read Erasing Hell, but it's on my TBR! One of these days.

@All: I think I'm going to do a post on Google Music to shed light and make points about it.

David Wagner said...

Nice new look! If you want me to experiment with some new banners for you, let me know, I'll crank some art out for you to consider.

Play more Skyrim!

Jonboy said...

Nice. I enjoyed the Hunger Games as well. I'm on book 3 now.

Also...I think I'm going to give blogging one more shot. I just published a review of The Hunger Games here:

Let me know what you think.

logankstewart said...

@Dave: I'll keep that in mind. For now, I think I want to remain header-less.

@Jonathan: Excellent. Stick with the blogging!