Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Current Updates & Link Love

(Because I haven't put a picture of Avonlea up here in a while.)
  • Keisha is blogging now.  She's chronicling motherhood and Avonlea.
  • I bought my PE CERM12 manual the other day.  Truly defines what a tome is.  According to Amazon, it weighs 6.7 lbs and is 1552 pages.  I'd guess closer to 10 lbs and 1600 pages.  I'm already dreading the studying it's going to take to pass that darned test in October.
    • Oddly enough, this does not count as a book purchase for my 2012 Manifesto, as it's not really a book to read, per se, but a book for work.  Kind of.
  • February is here and I'm making headway with my TBR.  I've been doing a lot of comic book reading, but also quite a bit of STAR WARS novella work, too.  All have been quick, fluffy reads.  I should probably break that up for when I start The Brothers Karamazov, but I doubt that'll happen.
  • Anyone else use freegal through the library or Noisetrade?  I've been getting a lot of top-quality, free songs of late.
  • I was asked to play guitar for a little concert at a coffee shop this Saturday night.  Makes me a little nervy playing in public like that.  I said sure, cause I just like setting challenges for myself and rising up and above mediocrity.  Being out of my comfort zone is getting easier and easier in some areas...
  • Last Saturday we had a most amazing night of worship.  A few weeks ago we were talking about things to do to become a more biblical church*.  Worship is a lifestyle, and praising God should not be confined to only Sunday mornings.  So we created WORSHIP 8:03.  Our goal was to create an environment solely dedicated to worshiping God however you wanted.  My part was playing guitar and helping lead worship on stage.  We had 30-40 show up.  There was an open communion.  I think it's safe to say that there was a general spirit of unity and worship among us there.  I know I loved it, just praising my Creator and Savior, thanking Him for His love and mercy.  It was much needed.  In fact, we're already planning our next one for March.
  • I was contacted about having one of my reviews used for promotional purposes.  I said yes, and if it goes any farther, I'm sure I'll put it up here.  Until then, I'll just stay hush-hush about which book.
  • Omelets are without a doubt the best breakfast food.  Thankfully, Art of Manliness has put up a new article on how to make better omelets.  (Sometimes mine are great, sometimes they look like a cat threw up in a skillet.)  This is a companion to their most excellent "How to Make Better Eggs" post from a few months back.
  • I finished reading my chronological bible reading plan yesterday.  Took eleven months.  Here's the new one I'm starting tomorrow.
  • Much more going on, but I'll just keep all that quiet for now.
*Yes, I realize that "church" in this sense goes directly against my principles.  Nevertheless, it's another example of an English word that has multiple meanings and falls apart under minor scrutiny.  In general, whenever I mean the "church" as the bride of Christ and a unified, global body, I prefer to write "Church."  Whenever I mean a localized, unified body, I again prefer "Church."  When I mean the building where the Church goes to, this I refer to as "church."  


Bill said...

Avonlea's looking great, Logan! And kudos to reading the omelet and egg article as well. I'm thinking I might prechop some veggies so I'll be able to more quickly make omelets during the week.

leslie said...

--what a cutie pie!
--stepped over to Keisha's blog a moment. so fresh and clean! the blog sounds like it will be a good way to record avonlea growing up and provide a community of shared experiences. I hope she will enjoy blogging.
--these are the kinds of books I hate packing for a move. good luck on the studying
--I'm good w/ light fluffy reads
--no, I haven't. hmm..
--how exciting! hope it is a great experience.
--marvelous to hear. hope this will prove to be a good addition to your worship life.
--not even a hint?! congrats!
--I think Sean still reads Art of Manliness, he's been quiet on that front. my dad makes fantastic omelets, I used to. oh, now I am hungry.
--N started her trip through in a year. not sure where she is as she reads "daily entries" in big gulps. I told her maybe "meditating on the word" would be wise, but she just looked at me. I have a chronological bible that I started--once, I like how it facilitates the context of people/events.

~sounds like good things are going on and I am happy for you.


ibeeeg said...

Avonlea is beautiful. Read a bit of Keisha's blog. I don't know how you are surviving (survived) sleep training. Never could do that.

Thanks for the reminder about Freegal. I have been meaning to check out this resource.

Glad to hear that you are making headway on your TBR. I am too, thankfully. Also, I have yet to make a book purchase. I am not being fooled into believing that means less book purchases for me though. I am certain one month will be begging for more than one book to be purchased.

Cool about your review. I hope it goes through, AND then you must make certain to share.

I am staying ontop of my Bible reading plan. I am enjoying it, and finding gems that I did not see before.

Okay, Logan, you know how to end on a cliffhanger. haha. " I'll just keep all that quiet for now"

Marie said...

congratulations on having a review used for promotion! that's so cool. :) and avonlea is adorable.

logankstewart said...

@Bill: I love the AoM recipe posts. I've made a few things from there, but the egg ones were a most valuable resource.

@L: Thanks. Av is definitely a cutie.

@ibeeeg: Sleep training is very difficult, for sure. And do check out freegal. I like it.

@Marie: Thank you!