Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In General

i.  I've added a new tab to the top o' the page titled "Concerts."  It's a chronicle of the shows I've been to.
1+1.  I started a new project at work recently.  It's some nice and fancy bridge hydraulics, running a few different HEC-RAS simulations.  This is for the East St. Louis project I mentioned several months back.  It's nice (and fun) to be doing something different.
...  Stewartland now has a new computer (thanks Mom!), usurping my 8 year old laptop and Keisha's 6 year old piece of junk.  It took some work and updating and motherboard work, but it's nice to have friends that are more than capable when it comes to that kind of stuff.  Me, I'm squeamish.
4444.  I checked out a different translation of The Brothers Karamazov.  I own the Constance Garnett translation, which is fine but oddly clunky; so far the Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky is proving easier to read.  I'm alternating between translations, depending on where I'm reading.
%.  It's February and I'm in flip flops.
six.  Lent began last week.  Last year's was an amazing experience.  This year we're doing something a little different.  Taking our inspiration from Isaiah 58, we're trying to be more intentionally selfless and more giving.  We felt that fasting was good for us last year as a kickstarter, but we also feel like it should be more of a normal practice instead of an annual thing.  Thus, we committed to fasting one day (24-hrs) per week indefinitely.  Been doing it for quite a while now, and it's remarkable how much I look forward to and dread the thing.  Still, I long to draw closer to Jesus and to live more intentionally.
7.  Does anyone else make playlists for parties?  I'm hosting poker at my house this Friday and I'm working on the tunes.  This is common practice for me, though I wonder if it's common for everyone?
     7.b.  Any particular song I should add to the list?
ocho.  I've been in a writing slump.  Not much creative writing going on, not really.  I've daydreamed and thought of some ideas, but I've not had the time or the drive to put thoughts to words to screen.  Most of the time I keep thinking on the grander story, the world that links the tales I'm most intrigued with.  Perhaps one day...


leslie said...

i. good idea!

1+1. glad you are enjoying your work, whatever it is you are actually doing.

...yay! to the new computer, not squeamish, which is how I am.

4444. one of my lit classes was on an Italian author and a Argentinian, needless to say we talked extensively about translations; and how not just anyone can do them successfully.

% N would do the same if I would let her.

six. I like the idea your community is going with this year. I need to find a healthy way to fast (healthy for the other people who live in my house, that is). I have friends who fast regularly and speak highly of it, too.

7. we tend to use a pandora station anymore.
7b. who or what genres end up on your playlist to begin with?

ocho. paper writing has consumed much of my creative energies of late. I think the day dreaming drifting phase can have some value but I hope too that the slump will be a relatively short one, that you will be able sit down and write when you really need to.

~L (omphaloskepsis)

logankstewart said...

What ends up on my playlist is usually a pretty broad collection of tunes, varying from classic folk to modern alternative rock, with a dab of things in between. I generally add more than enough music, but it's all mostly chilled music to be a nice background noise, not something obnoxious and loud.

ibeeeg said...

Yay that you have a new computer. Newer ones really do make a difference. My laptop is out of commission so being tied to a desktop for blogging is not too thrilling besides,mi cannot use Windows Live Writer as the desktop is a Mac.

I wish for you a Lent season that does indeed draw you closer to God. I will admit, my heart is not willingly moving into Lent. I think I need to start doing some specific Lent devotions or something.

I hope your writing slump is short-live, but that something is gained during the slump.

logankstewart said...

@ibeeeg: I used to use Live Writer, but that was back when I used a lot of pictures for my posts. Now I write everything in the dashboard and make do with what I'm given. That said, Live Writer was great at what it did, and I enjoyed the ease of the program. Good luck on finding something to supplement your need!

Carl V. said...

I love the "look forward to and dread" sentiment because we can all so relate to that. We all have at least one, if not many, things in our lives that we know are good for us, that we really get into once we take the plunge, but that we dread each time. I do that with my daily workout. I wake up and think "wow, I could get another hour of sleep in", but then I just jump up and go do it and feel so great aferwards.

logankstewart said...

@Carl: Indeed, friend. Taking that plunge takes effort, eh?