Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Leap Day Quandary

A leap for Leap Day.
It truly is a delicate situation.
Nigh on precarious, I daresay.
See, I've never had a blog post on Leap Day.
I squandered 2008 away with a smattering of posts as
I cringed through my last semesters of college.  And the Leap Day
before that one I was coasting through my last months as a high schooler.
And the Leap Day before that one... there's no telling.

So this is a monumental day.  People all across
the world are literally erecting monuments
to Leap Day 2012, just like the
Mayans predicted all those
many years ago.  
But the
having a Leap 
Day post is that I 
don't have much to write
 about, and I struggle with the idea
 of publishing inane babble.  

I could talk about the
 new fancy gadget 
up on the sidebar
 there.  The media
 player thingy.  We've
 started recording and
 podcasting our weekly Coffee Talks.  It's
 a men's group, so if any of you ladies wanna
 give it a go you may wanna take a shot of testosterone
 before you go in.  This week we covered Genesis 1-25.  The guy
 at the end that says "Logan Stewart"... yeah, that's not me.  I'm the second person
 you hear speaking, the one with the odd and hickish accent.

Accents are another thing.  I could spend my 
time being self-conscious about it,
 about the way that I say words
 like "light", "night", or "like."  
The fact that I say stuff
 with a drawl and a 
mumble, but
 those aren't
to get 
     I prefer to see them as character attributes, not as words of a simpleton.  It's baffling 
          how city folk make fun of our accents, though.  Even folks from Louisville, the largest city 
     in the state, populations something-point-something-million.  Louisvillians are so diverse that
                  some talk more country than me, and others more city.  Personally, I can tell that my
          accent's gotten more noticeable as I've aged.

I intentionally used the word "gotten" in the previous paragraph to give birth
 to this paragraph for one solitary reason.  It bothers me to read the word
 "gotten" in anything that wants to be taken seriously unless
 someone's speaking.  Just seems like a lazy cop out.

My dad's dad was a cop.  A deputy sheriff, in fact.
  So yeah, I've taken a few rides in the back of a squad car.

A "young girl" jumped off the bridge here today.  She's in critical condition.
  I don't recall anything like that ever happening around here.  I can't imagine coming
 to the decision to do something like that, to stop your car in the middle of the span, get out, walk
 to the edge
   climb the rail,
      stare down the water
       feel the wind gusts 
  blow at you
      I can't imagine the thoughts in her mind for that 2-3 second drop.
  I can't imagine hitting the water and thinking that something has
 gone terribly wrong 
(or right).  
I can't imagine waking up in the hospital after deciding to do
 it.  It's an incredible opportunity the girl's been given, 
to not have died immediately.  
I pray that she recovers and that the love of
Jesus is shown to her.

I'm not a fan of buggy 
and clunky computer 
programs that limit user
input.  I'm talking to you, 
HEC-RAS.  It's the standard in
bridge & open channel analyses for anything
remotely complicated, and yet it's lacking plenty 
of functionality.  Maybe that's cause it's 
developed by the USACE?  As it 
goes, I'm doing a lot 
of experimentation 
with this thing.

I am a fan of format.   
And experimentation.  
And questionable verisimilitude.  

Happy Leap Day!


ibeeeg said...

This was a fun post to read. I have seen many leap days, and none have excited me...or at least, I do not remember.

I have a thing about accents...they are terribly fascinating to me. Especially since we do not have accents here unless you are a transplant from elsewhere. For the most part, my favorite accents are Australians and then probably Irish/Scottish.

Diz said...

I loved the formatting - it really drew me in!

I confess, I'm sensitive to accents. I bought a book on CD, by John Maxwell. He pronounced "King," as "Keen." As long as you pronounce the "g" in King, you'll be fine:)


David Wagner said...

You have too much fun with text sometimes... what a fun personality quirk. Thanks for being a little weird! Like me!

Dave the Weird

logankstewart said...

@ibeeeg: Meeting accent-less people is an odd experience. I'm usually an object of scorn and ridicule.... Okay, maybe not usually, but it does happen.

@Diz: Thank you. And, uhm, I'm prone to dropping a "g" from "-ing" words quite a bit, especially when talking, though I keep it there for "king."

@Dave: Fun is a necessity. As is being weird. ;)