Monday, June 11, 2012

Avonlea's First Birthday

Avonlea turned one on Saturday.
Avonlea turned one on Saturday.
Avonlea turned one on Saturday.

Perhaps if I keep on writing that then I will eventually believe it.  I'll believe that I'm actually a daddy and that I have a little sixteen pound bundle of energy and charm and love and slobbers and four-five-six-almost seven-nearly eight teeth.  I'll believe that she's eating real food and has been for a few weeks now and that Keisha will soon be weaning her from the breast.  I'll believe that this little girl calls out for me "dada" as surely as she calls everything else "dada."

I cannot believe one year has passed.  It's been a whirlwind, for true.  Just a handful of weeks ago Avonlea was immobile and satisfied to remain stationary in her jumper.  Then one day she flipped over and took a few bumbling movements.  And then she was crawling at light speed and Mommy & Daddy could barely keep up.  The little rascal is part cheetah.

Perhaps I should say part dog.  Keisha and I were talking in the kitchen, watching Avonlea crawl around, and we noticed her looking up at us with a curious look in her eyes.  We noticed she was in front of Stella's food and water bowl.  Our eyes all clicked and we ran at her.  She had eight pieces of tiny dog food chunks in her mouth.

For Avonlea's birthday we rented a shelter at a local park and invited some friends and family.  It was hot, but we had a nice breeze.  Peggy (Keisha's mom) made the cakes.  Keisha and I started Avonlea a savings account for her birthday.  Keisha also made her a quilt, a milestone, as it was Keisha's first.  I'm insanely proud of her feat and how beautiful it is.  Next task is to make one for our bed. (You can kind of make out the quit in the picture below.)

And my mind is distracted, thinking of the infinite possibilities of the future, of my relationship with my little baby girl.  She's taken a strong liking to me of late.  I've always been the one to rock her at night after Keisha finishes nursing, but within the last week or two she's really wanted me.  I take her and she nuzzles right up against my chest, listening to my heart, hearing the words I sing to her as she gets sleepy.  I typically alternate between "You Are My Sunshine", "Come Thou Fount", or an original-Daddy-penned lullaby that goes something like "Avonlea, Avonlea, you are my sweet baby."  (Brilliant, no?)  But my favorite one is Andrew Peterson's "Beautiful Girl."  Turns me into a bubbling fool almost every time.

Wow this is a random post.  What's happening to my stoic, staunch control of emotions?  My clear headed engineer's logic?  I'm not certain, but my heart definitely beats to the tune of a one-year old now.

And yes, my day began with a beard but ended without one.  First time smooth-faced in months.  Feels odd.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday! one year, that was quick! i would like to say it slows down, but i'm not sure it does...but there is always so much to enjoy even as there is so much to look forward to. I hope you and yours have a blessed 2nd year together, as well as many many more!


Diz said...

Beautiful Avonlea is privileged to have you two as parents. May God keep his hand upon you all and bless you now and in the days to come.


logankstewart said...

Thanks L & Diz.

first birthday invitations said...

You are incredibly pretty little princess.

David Wagner said...

So awesome. Yep, being a dad certainly has its fair share of amazing moments. I'd say 'magical', but that has oddly non-christian overtones to it... you know what I mean... those moments where time seems to stop and you're filled with a sense of love for your child.

Now I'm sounding all sappy! Sheesh!

Well, I've been at this for a long time, Logan, my friend. My first daughter just got married, for crying out loud! All that to say, great days ahead - enjoy the heck out of them.


Carl V. said...

Unbelievable! Where did the year go? She is an absolute doll, and every time I read about her I get a joyful feeling because I so love her name and am so excited for the adventure of life you all have before you.

The quilt is lovely, btw.

Congrats to you happy and proud parents, you made a good looking kid who has many more wonderful years ahead of her. Yay!!!