Rememorandom started several years ago, back when the void was across the lands.  It began as a spark, as a poem in high school, as the first breath of a newborn babe, as taste buds exploding upon eating an orange for the first time.  In some ways, Rememorandom always was.  In others, it never was meant to be.  In all, for better or for worse, it is.

The purpose of this blog is manifold.  One, I've kept a journal for many years, chronicling the events of my life whenever appropriate.  As I've grown more techno-savvy, I've decided to chronicle my thoughts here instead; it just seems easier that way.  The second purpose is for me to have a conduit to work on my writing.  Blogging forces me to focus and to be creative.  Sometimes the output is good and I am proud, and sometimes it is bad enough that I want to skewer my eyeballs.  Thirdly, I blog to review books/film/music that I'm currently reading/watching/hearing, and Rememorandom is the outlet for this.  In addition, I will review just about anything else that strikes my fancy.  Fourth and final, I blog because I enjoy the community.  The blogosphere is made of (mostly) good folks, and I love interacting with those I do.

Thanks all for reading.