Review Policy

If you're interested in having me read and review your book and you think that I may enjoy the read, please contact me through the email address given below.  I prefer speculative fiction (fantasy and sci-fi), but have a strong affinity for graphic novels and thoughtful non-fiction concerning Jesus or the church, too.  I'm not much of a YA reader, unless the story is unique and has something remarkable about it.  I review both ebooks and physical copies, with a general preference for ebooks in the Kindle format.

If you're looking for a way to get in touch with me and if you've not been able to find my personal assistant Claudio Montezuma's phone number, you may email me directly at logankstewart [at] gmail {dot} com.  Also, if you happen upon my long-lost manservant, Cornelius Antonin Scruzz, please do let me know.