Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why no snow?

As little kids often remind us, snow is simply amazing and beautiful. They (the kids) flock around windows just to gaze out the window and watch the white specks fall to the ground. And of course the teacher gets mad and makes them all sit down to listen to her lecture. This same phenomenon occurs in the adult life as well. We watch the dark grey clouds cover the sky and soon we are fascinated at the flakes descending groundward.

An email from little Leslie Johnson in Blizzard, FL contained a simple question she would like for me to answer. "Sir, we don't get snowfall here in Florida, and I wanna know why. Mommy and Daddy can't tell me, and you're next in line. Thanks, Little Leslie Johnson."

Well, Little Leslie, the answer is really pretty simple. Snow comes from the clouds when it's really cold outside and the water cycle has gathered enough moisture in the air. When the humidity is right, along with various other things that are far too complicated for your little mind, snow comes out. But not in Florida. Here's your answer.

In 1865, during the Civil War, there was another battle going on. The clouds were meeting above deciding what to do about the fate of the lands. You see, the payroll was pretty slim for clouds and especially in Florida. The clouds down there barely made enough to support their families, and finally something had to be done. The clouds decided to strike. (Who, or what, or e'en how remains a mystery.) Of course the entity in charge didn't care and so the clouds never quite managed to come back the same to Florida. A different breed moved in, along with terrible winds and rain. Snow left the bleak countryside and was replaced with beautiful sands and water and shells and waves and warm weather. What a drag. And as you could have guessed, the clouds probably won't ever be returning, what with global warming and tourism at an all time high.

I hope that answers your question, Little Leslie. And if you have another please send it. Namaste.

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