Friday, December 09, 2005


"Why?" is a great question to ask. Not only is the word simple enough to spell and easy enough to pronounce, but it is also applicable to any statement ever made. For starters look at the little kids. Whilst growing up they are inclined to think about the world and what makes things work. They see something and need to find out more about it. Being young, they also need a word that's easy to say, and what other word could that be than "Why?" (I guess it could be eggplant, but that would make no sense.) Yet their knowledge behind what they ask is only shallow. A simple answer is enough to satisfy their curiosity and they usually continue on their way.

Then merge adolescence into man. The "Why?" becomes a much more complex and prominent question. "Why are girls so weird?" "Why is the price of gas so high?" "Why am I not given everything I want?" And a crapload approaching infinity more questions to ask. Of course, there is not always an answer to these questions. However, in this blog I will attempt to answer some of the more common questions that people always ask "Why?" Let's begin.

I. "Why do my feet stink after walking around all day?"

This may come as a surprise to some people, but the feet are the sweatiest things on the body. They are used in nearly every activity and therefore they perspire. The stink, however, comes not from the sweat but actually a small Gnome-like creature that lives in socks called the Perspiratorgus. It's a pretty lazy creature, and when disturbed enough he reacts (similar to a skunk's spray) and releases fumes from his own feet that smell terrible. This smell clings to the socks' cloth and the result is smelly feet.

This starts the series of "Why....?" for me. I shall keep the answers rolling, just keep the question coming. Namaste.

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