Monday, February 09, 2009

On Posting (Part 2)

I'm really too tired to post tonight, but I feel obliged to, as per yesterday's post. Today's been very busy for me. I spent around 5 hours in our stream today, doing general land surveying and walking the creek. We worked just downstream the confluence of the streams and then upstream until the road.

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Then I went to Kroger and picked up some things for Valentines Day. Then my landlord came o'er and fixed our water in the bathroom. Then Heroes came on. Then I bathed. Now I sit and think about all the stuff I have to do tomorrow, like get up really early and dress business appropriate, since I'm going to a Career Information meeting and meeting a potential employer. And I finished reading Brisingr tonight, too, which was a relief. Later, either tonight or tomorrow, I am going to start on Mistborn. I'm thinking tomorrow's post may be more coherent and will probably be about my thoughts on Christopher Paolini's book I just finished reading. Stay away from the green peppers, folks; they'll get you every time.


marky said...

What a cool way to spend your day! The closest I get to a body of water in my work is the sea of incompetence I have to deal with every day!

WV: proud! An actual word! No way!
A proud day for all mankind.

Oh, and words cannot express how much I am loving Fallout 3.

logankstewart said...

Wow, Marky you just got an award for most comments left in a short period of time on one blog. It's a pretty special award and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Sea of incompetence. Ha. Don't be too hard on yourself there, friend. Though it was a funny comparison of two completely different bodies of water.

Fallout 3 might be addressed as a post later on, once I beat it. Are you doing the Good Karma route or the Bad Karma?

marky said...

Always good, my friend. I just can't bring myself to be bad anymore. I just don't have the energy. I'm slightly perturbed at the amount of exclamation marks I made on my first comment. Let's just blame it on the early morning coffee rush shall we.:-)

marky said...

Oh, and yeah, that was a fair few posts. I'm just trying to make up for lost time. I've been stuck in a post apocalyptic world for four days. And my girlfriend aint happy!

Sailor Matt said...

Hehe... "post" apocalypic...