Sunday, February 08, 2009

On Posting

I've had this blog since December of 2005. I remember hopping onto the blogwagon, but really unsure why. For a while I posted on weird, odd things, like "Why?", but I also posted some of my original poetry and reviews and books and Jesus. In short, I've had a pretty normal blog. However, my posting was, at best, subject to a high variance. For example, look at the (crude) table below:

Back a few months ago I decided that I would try to update this daily, and if not daily, then at least 5 days per week. So far, I think I've done pretty well at this. I feel obligated to no one but myself to do this. For one, it's a source for me to put a little of myself out there in the world. For two, it's provided an opportunity to get to know other folks (Matt, Marky, Cap'n Joe, and others that read through Facebook) and for them to know how I think on some things.

And this is the interesting point. Why do we want to know what other people think about things? Are we not confident enough in ourselves and our opinions, or do we find it entertaining to know how other's think? Perhaps we feel a connection with someone who shares a similar belief, or mayhap we feel intelligent reading someone else's obviously uninformed opinion. Whatever the case, we are attracted to other people's opinions like iron to a magnet. These musings make me want to delve into an intense Psychology or Sociology book, or at least talk to a scholar about these reasons and why modern thought tells us these obvious truths. What causes human attraction and a desire for relationships? What causes a moth to want to fly into an open flame? Why are chestnuts roasting over it?

Back to posting. I try to post regularly. I don't limit myself to any single topic on which I post, but I do take suggestions if anyone has any. My thought pools are very deep, and sometimes I forget there are other people reading this besides me. To me, my blog serves as a record of my daily thinking, and I can go to it and read my thoughts any time I choose. If Blogger decides to can and erase my archives, then I'll have to accept that. Until then, I'll continue to use Blogger and to write my thoughts on whatever I'm feeling. I mean, this blog's named Rememorandom, a portmanteau of Remember, memory, memorandom, and random, and so I should post my random thoughts about random subjects onto this free site so I can remember them when I'm older.


Sailor Matt said...

Portmanteau- I learned a new word.

I've been giving this post some considerable thought, pondering the reason why we seek the interaction of others online. Like, why did you choose to start a blog instead of a simple word document journal on your computer? I think in a general sense we all seek community. Growing in community can be very resource-consuming, because there's a lot of extra "stuff" besides just our interaction of personalities. We have to spend our money and clear our over-booked schedules, and most of our time ends up being consumed not by the interaction of our personalities, but in getting ready, driving, waiting, paying, getting delayed, etc. These blogs allow us to interact without all the clutter of the other "stuff," and since we're just a cloud of personalities floating through cyberspace, we're not judging each other on physical attractiveness, the clothes we're wearing, our friends' approval, body odor or speach impediments. And since communication between us is a deliberate act, we're more likely to "hear" each other rather than just waiting for our turn to speak.

logankstewart said...

Some excellent points, Matt. Well said. Community is extremely important in society, and perhaps that is why I started a blog, and perhaps that's why we all started them. Second: "since communication between us is a deliberate act, we're more likely to 'hear' each other rather than just waiting for our turn to speak" is an absolutely wonderful statement. Blog conversations typically, I think, requires more thought than normal face-to-face conversation, and usually more thought means better quality.

Great comment.

marky said...

When I first started doing my blog, it was really about me getting my writing skills back. My Grammar was quite appalling, and although it's got a bit better, I can still make a vast improvement. Now, nearly a year on, it has turned into something I'm happy about. I get to talk about me, without having to sugar coat anything. I feel better for being an honest man, and being able to purge my demons. The top people I’ve met through posting on Pats blog is just icing on the virtual cake. All I can say to your good self is, keep up the blogging. You’re very good at it, and annoyingly talented at it!

logankstewart said...

Again, thanks Marky. Encouragement and praise is good for the soul, and I say "thankee sai" from the bottom of my heart.