Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Posting, Commenting, Google Reader, Diet Mt. Dew, Pat Rothfuss, Windows Live Writer, Previews, and Bad News

Two days ago I mentioned that I intended to post more about why I blog, expounding more on the history of this blog.  Since then, I remembered that I’ve posted about that once or twice in the past, and I feel that these are excellent posts if you’re wanting to know more about the Why and What of Rememorandom.  In fact, I don’t really have much more to offer to these past posts other than I enjoy the community and company of my fellow bloggers (both readers and posters). 

I’m a big fan of the commenting part of blogging.  I typically subscribe to comments via email and I enjoy reading the reactions of other folks, to see other opinions opined.  When I get comments here at my blog, I attempt to comment back, in part to let folks know I’ve read it, and in part to carry on a (slow and often short) conversation.  (It’s like email.  If someone sends me an email, I usually attempt to respond to let the sender know I received it and have read it.)

But I really like reading other blogs, too.  The blogosphere is a continually growing world, and there are so many I enjoy that I think I’d be lost without Google Reader.  It’s no secret that I love Google and it’s products (yes, I’ve been using Chrome as my browser for a few months), and naturally I use Reader to manage my subscriptions.  I’m not completely sure I’m sharing notes and stuff correctly with my Google Friends, but I’ve got the subscription thing down.  If you need help managing your many blogs you read, I’d recommend trying out Reader (if you don’t already).

There’s no easy way to transition from Google Reader into writing on Diet Mt. Dew.  On most mornings, on my way to work, I stop by a gas station and get a refill on my 44oz cup for $1.05.  This is a fair price for 44oz of delicious fountain-tapped Diet Mt. Dew.  My transition to the world of DIET soda was pretty smooth, and now I can honestly say I prefer the taste of DIET Coke (not Pepsi) and DIET Mt. Dew to their non-diet counterparts.

As most of you are probably aware, Pat Rothfuss has posted up on his blog a raffle for a chance to get your name into The Wise Man’s Fear.  It’s really a pretty simple, straight-forward process.  I’ll be mailing in my check and stuff within the week hopefully.  And if you don’t know who Pat Rothfuss is, please leave my blog immediately, go to Borders (or B&N or BAM or your local bookstore) and buy the paperback copy of The Name of the Wind.  Or, if you’re too lazy (or cheap), send me an email and I’ll mail you a copy.  I keep two or three paperback copies to give to unsuspecting folk…

Last week, Shellie suggested I try out Windows Live Writer, and I’m proud to say that I love it.  The interface is simple.  The problems I occasionally encountered with HTML and things are all but gone.  The only qualms I have with it is that I have to double space between paragraphs and that I can’t use my Blogger Labels.  I can’t fix the double space thing, but I can go in and edit the Labels after I publish my post.  So if you have any problems using your blogger, try the Windows Live Writer.  You can download it (for free) here.

I’m reading through the entire epic of Y: The Last Man right now, and it’s pretty good so far.  30 Rock starts back up tonight, and Flash Forward comes on, too.  I’ve been savoring and taking my time for Joe Abercrombie, but The Last Argument of Kings is coming up next.

And now the bad news.  You may or may not be aware of this, but I have a brother named Jake.  I did a 3 part post series on our relationship and my love for him back in February (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  He’s in the Army.  He served in Iraq for a year or so a year or so back, and since he’s returned he’s had a baby (just born back in August).  Turns out, he’s going to be going to Afghanistan in January and he’ll be gone for a year or so, this time driving a truck or something.  Needless to say, it’s stressful, and I ask for you to all pray for his safety.

That’s it for today.  A lot of stuff.  Now, it’s time for a crossword puzzle…


Bilski said...

Logan, a diet Dew drinker? It's so preposterous it must be true! Welcome to the club, with enough conditioning almost any diet drink can replace its original (my exception being Coca Cola, but since I don't care for the acid rain feeling of it I don't drink much Coke to begin with).

Sorry to hear your brother will be redeploying but I'm sure God will be keeping an eye on him. I'll keep him in our prayers!

Oh, and lastly Google Reader is a true godsend, but with a few plugins becomes even better. Do you use any extensions for it? I've got Better GReader with a minimal interface to get rid of that top bar, and Adblock Plus which really cleans up a number of feeds.

Crystal said...

Someone also told me once that blogging was a great way to work on your writing skills (hmmm, I wonder if it's the same person). I also enjoy the community and I've met some pretty cool people. Google Reader has definitely been my friend.

Shellie advised me to use Windows Live Writer and I like it too, but I don't like the double spacing between paragraphs. I've been trying to find a way to fix that, but no luck yet.

Your brother will be in my prayers. My brother in law, Scot (also in the Army) is currently on his 2nd tour of Iraq.

logankstewart said...

@Bill: Thanks. And currently I don't use any plug-ins with Reader, but I may have to try some out soon.

@Crystal: Maybe it was the same person, or maybe it's just true. Who knows? If you find a way to get past the double spacing, let me know, and I'll do likewise. And thanks for the prayers.

David Wagner said...

Ah, I love these catch-all posts.

Thanks for the links to the previous posts, I'm gonna go read them now...

Never heard of Google Reader before - sounds worth looking into!

Definitely pray for your brother.

Is it safe to assume you'll be reviewing Y; The Last Stand when finished?

logankstewart said...

David: Yep. Enjoy perusing. Google Reader is great, especially if you read and follow a lot of blogs, etc. Thanks for the prayers. And aye, I'll be reviewing Y: The Last Man most likely early next week, but possibly tomorrow...

Krista said...

Hummm... I don't know if I was here when you posted those posts about your blog or not, so I'll have to check'em out :)

I have enjoyed the blog sphere greatly especially all the nice bloggers :)

I think I have a user name in Google reader but I have never used it... I might have to try it.

I am a water drinker but if I do have a soda (very rare occasion) it definitely is NOT diet, yuck. LOL! :D

I hope whatever name you give Pat wins! That'd be cool!

I will definitely keep your brother in my prayers as well.

logankstewart said...

Krista: Check out Google Reader. It's a great tool for keeping up with all these blogs. And thanks for the prayers.

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Logan -
I thought you may like the writer.
You can do your labels inside of your blogger customize area and then go to posting then to edit posts - all your labels are manageable there. It will take you a bit to get it all down - learning curve thingy but it works really well and you can delete and add labels at will.

Diet soda yuck, diet soda in the morning worse.
Take Care!

Krista -
You will love google reader. Its so much easier than the goolge dashboard. It too has a learning curve but its so worth it.

logankstewart said...

Shellie, Thanks. I'll play with the label thing and see what I can do.

Krista said...
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Krista said...

Shellie, okay it's official I'm checking out Google reader :)

Logan, I see you changed your leave comment comment. I laughed the LOL laugh when I read it. That is all.

logankstewart said...

Thanks, Krista. I laughed a little myself on that one. And enjoy Google Reader!

Oh, Shellie, I found the labels function/drop box in Windows Live Writer. Apparently I didn't look hard enough.

Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Oh I will have to check that out thank!