Friday, February 05, 2010

Green, A Review (May Contain Spoilers)

ted_dekker_green Green is a prequel and/or a sequel to Ted Dekker's The Circle series. To me, I can't consider it a prequel, as there is too much extra information that would have me feeling lost without having first read the other books. That said, I have read Black, Red, White, Showdown, Chosen, and Infidel, and I enjoyed the original trilogy immensely.

I was excited to learn that Green was coming out, eager to dive back into the life of Thomas Hunter. While Thomas is a main protagonist of this book, he's not the only POV character, and (at times) I felt like the story suffered some because of this.

The book takes place ten years after White. The Circle is suffering. They've been hunted and hounded by the Horde for too long. Their resolve is failing. Many are struggling to follow the command from Elyon, to love the Horde. All are beginning to doubt the existence of Elyon and wonder if he's forsaken them. When Samuel, Thomas of Hunter's son, decides to take up arms against the Horde, Thomas decides to issue a challenge to Elyon, hoping to prove to everyone that he still cares.

Meanwhile, back on earth (2000 years in the past), a strange man walks into Raison Pharmaceuticals and proclaims he has a strange power: the ability to read minds. He wants to travel to Thomas' world and demands the man's blood. Events unfold that will leave both worlds shaking.

The story of Green is about the end of all things, as well as the beginning. Throughout the novel, Dekker alludes to Christian theology (Great Romance, drowning, etc.), offering that the faith and hope of the Circle is the only good. Teelah's power and influence is prevalent and taking over the world, similar to earth today. For the most part, I really enjoy the symbolism and allusions.

For the most part.

There was one large element that didn't quite fit with the theology, in my opinion. The idea of reincarnation. The idea of a second chance. When the Battle of Migdon climaxes and everything ends, I felt let down. Not only was the battle hastily written (and slightly confusing), the aftermath was unexpected. Christian theology was replaced with something akin to Hinduism. Thus, a unsatisfying and predictable ending was thrown in the book.

Overall, I liked the story, but it fails to capture the power and originality the original trilogy held. I felt like some scenes were rushed or pointless, as were some characters. I felt like Dekker dropped the ball at the end. Our life is a one-chance deal, and I think thinking otherwise could be dangerous to a Christian mindset.

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson publishing house free to me.

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Crystal said...

I haven't read any Ted Dekker. Maybe I'll have to throw some on my TBR list.

I haven't had a lot of luck with Thomas Nelson. Everytime I log in to see what they have available for reviewers, they never have anything I'm interested in. Maybe I should just randomly select one. You never know, I might be pleasantly surprised.

Rainy and grey: sounds like you're describing Seattle!

logankstewart said...

Dekker seems to be hit or miss. I'd definitely start with Black, which has been out for a while now and you can find rather cheap.

Yeah, this is my third Thomas Nelson book I've reviewed, but most of their stuff doesn't appeal to me. I'm interested in getting some free, cool bibles though, so I'll stick with it.

David Wagner said...

If there were ever two sure things, it's that I won't be reading any Dekker any time soon, and that I'll be buying New Vegas the day it comes out...

Nice review, though...

You = The Man

logankstewart said...

I wouldn't completely give up on Dekker. He does good with setting up suspense and making a thriller, but some things are just too much of a coincidence. Like I told Crystal, I really enjoyed Black, Red, and White.

Oh yeah. I'm gonna be reserving the Fallout game and getting it when it's released. That trailer just gets me excited.