Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fate & 15th: Part 3 of 5

     Hank Steiner hadn’t expected to sell a gun the day that that cute little Ellen Braugh came waltzing through the door. He’d been on hard times since the new Super Guns & Ammo opened up a few blocks over. No way to compete with those kinda prices. It had been three days since he’d sold anything over a hundred bucks.
     But then Mrs. Ellen Braugh (blond, young, clean background) came in and requested a special .44 for her husband’s birthday. She paid cash so he wouldn’t find out. Twenty-five one hundred dollar bills. Where’d you get all this cash from? he asked. She winked at him and he could feel his face flushing. It’s a secret. Not too much of a secret, he thought, but who was he to judge. He knew business was bad for everybody, so who cared how she made her money. He sold her the gun, promising secrecy.
     Thank you so much, she said, and she kissed his cheek as she left. Dwayne’ll love it!


Jay Belt said...

Good stuff, I like how all the pieces are fitting together. Keep it coming, Logan.

David Wagner said...

This is really intriguing, Logan. I'm really enjoying it, and am curious to see how it will proceed. Good work.