Monday, May 23, 2011

Nine Things

I'm really not feeling one of the books I'm currently reading.  There are simply too many characters and unfamiliar words to take in, thrown at you all at once.  Typically I'm okay with this, but this is just too frantic and too different for me to take in right now.  I think I'm gonna take a break from it and read something else for a bit first and then try again.

Similarly, I had someone recommend a book to me, and I devoured its 120 pages in record time.  I'm now re-reading it, this time aloud to Keisha.  I've scribbled and highlighted and noted so many different things.  Expect a review next week.  Honestly, though, it's a life-changing philosophy that has made me rethink a lot of my outlook on things.  Amazing.

I've finally got around to uploading my song I did for the Good Friday service, a cover of Leeland's "Carried to the Table."  I'm rather proud of it.

I'm also rather proud of the flash fiction piece that I'm putting up tomorrow.  It's called "The Hollis Idaho Incident."  The idea just hit me, and I banged it out in a handful of minutes.  It's easy to see the inspiration behind it, but still, I think it's a fun little piece, and I hope you (read it) enjoy it.

Oho, tomorrow, tomorrow, I've got an "informal" meeting.  Not sure what we're discussing, but we're driving 2 hours for a 2 hour meeting.  These things used to make me all nervy, but after the life-changing philosophy and a hefty dose of meh, I'm ready for it.

Yeah, that was me playing Fallout New Vegas yesterday.  I was off, it was 90 degrees, and I didn't much feel like doing anything.  I think that's the first time I've had the game on in over a month.  I've still not beat it.  Too many side quests.  Nevertheless, a few hours in the Mojave Wastes made for a fun afternoon.

Off topic, but in seriousness, I'd appreciate any prayers for Keisha.  She's had chest pain off-and-on for a few years now, but the pregnancy has made it more acute.  She had a heart test done, which came back with inconclusive results, and they scheduled another type of test.  This one came back with the announcement that she has a "moderate sized hole" in her septum.  It's called a PFO (Patent foramen ovale), which is a rather common heart defect, and generally is treatable with a heart catheter or surgery.  Of course, her being pregnant tends to complicate the things, and she's been stressed, so, yeah.  You know.  And thanks.

Oh yeah, and you know what else?  A Blog of Note the other day took me to a place called Grilled Cheese Social.  This blogger apparently makes mean, awesome grilled cheese sandwiches, and she takes nice pictures of them, too.  Check it out for a long list of many delicious looking recipes guaranteed to make you salivate.

Okay then.


Anonymous said...

i've been restlessly drifting between books this week--which is bad because I have a stack of books come in from Holds at the Library. Hopefully I can find my "120-page, transformative" read, too. I love when that happens. Look forward to the review.

can see why you are proud of that performance! thanks for sharing.

will be certain to keep Keisha in the prayers.

and will definitely check out Grilled Cheese Social, we are having good grilled cheese weather here.

~L (omphaloskepsis)

Keisha said...

What is good grilled cheese weather? All weather seems to be good grilled cheese weather to me...but I'm pregnant so butter + bread + cheese always sounds good to me, lol.

Keisha said...

Logan, I don't remember giving you permission to put my awesome filming skills on YouTube!

David Wagner said...

I'm curious about both the books -- the one you set aside and the one that changed your outlook. I'll definitely look for that.

You certainly have a right to be rather proud of that video. Nice. That's quite a set up there on stage! Wish we had that kind of budget...

Definitely praying for Keisha. Sounds rather serious.

logankstewart said...

@Dave: Thanks, friend. For it all.

@Everybody else that left comments and Blogger deleted(Keisha & L): Thank you!

Carl V. said...

I was just thinking yesterday about how sad I was that I had finished Fallout New Vegas. I know there is some new downloadable content, but I'm not really wanting to spend the money right now. The last two Fallout games are some of my favorite immersive gaming experiences ever. They are just so fun.

I'm really looking forward to the new Elder Scrolls game coming out in November. It looks excellent.

Speaking of grilled cheese, Martha Stewart Living magazine had a big grilled cheese article a while ago and had a ton of interesting looking recipes. We've tried a few, including ones made with thin slices of green apples, and they were mmm..mmm... good.

logankstewart said...

@Carl: Actually, I've not finished all the DLC of Fallout 3, either. Both are such good games, though. One of these days!

Yeah, the new Elder Scrolls looks beautiful. I may have to get that at some point.

Paula Titus said...

Prayers going up for Keisha! Great video too. :)

logankstewart said...

@Paula: Thank you (for both)!