Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Listy Things

1.  Oh Shenandoah!  I am your daughter.  Prior to that, the prior pontificated the perfect diatribe against mean Mr. Mustard.

2.  Having recently experienced funerals, this story about a funeral mishap had me rolling.  Quite funny, quite short, and well worth the read.

3.  Vacation creeps in on little cat's feet in just three more days.  Not many plans but Skyrim, family, and a day-trip out to Missouri to eat at Lambert's.  We've ne'er been there, but hear wonderful things.

4.  Radiohead has a song called "Creep."  According to my latest tweet, I "snagged some #Radiohead tix for the St. Louis show on 3/9/12. Color me ecstatic."  I can't express how excited I am, as a Radiohead concert is one of my "dream concerts."

5.  The previous point contained three sets of quote marks / double apostrophes.

6.  An apostrophe is also a figure of speech that's best explained by referring to Point 1 (particularly the first six words) on this list.

7.  I'm entertaining the idea of next year reading only books on my TBR and/or books I own and/or can get from the library.  The only exception would be something drastic.  I shall think on this more, and if I decide to do so, I should add some more books to my TBR 'ere December's end.

8.  Christmas tree and decorations are going up ever-so-soon.  I can't wait to see Avonlea's eyes soaking it all in.

9.  I think I've mentioned it before, but not certain, but just to be clear, I completely deleted my Facebook account a few weeks/months ago.  Tired of it and the mostly useless newsfeed, I now use G+ and, on the rare occasion, Twitter.

10.  Realized last night that we've taken well over a thousand pictures of Avonlea since her birth.  Wow.

11.  Why does looking at pictures of food make you hungry?  Wouldn't it be great that if looking at the bible we had the same feeling?  I love reading the bible and thinking about its truths and having my mind exploded by God.  More and more I realize how little we are, how tiny, how insignificant, and yet God still loves us and gives us significance.  God, you are amazingly, indescribably, unfathomable, and I am so glad you are.

12.  See what I did there?  That's another example (cf. Points 6, 1).

13.  I'm simultaneously reading a lot of different books at the moment.  I am a multiple-book-reader-a-time, but this may be my record.


ibeeeg said...

How fantastic! Radiohead! Wow! Color me green.

I too am thinking that next year, I will be concentrating on those books on my TBR list.
Although, I may pin it down just a bit more before the end of Decemeber. How legalistic will I be? Shall prioritze a bit at to which titles to read? etc.

Ha! Logan...weclome to the digital age of parenting. My oldest children, I would use one or two rolls of film on them and thought I took too many photos. My youngest, we takes 100s at an event. Crazy. Be diligent in getting rid of the photos that you will not ever use. I am telling you, dilgence in choosing what to keep will pay off.

How many books at once are you reading? I am not typically a multiple book reader, but seem to find myself in that spot these days. I have 4 books going right now.

Anonymous said...

2. wow. that was really funny. going to have to share that one.

3. hope it is a fabulous vacation.

4. still feeling envy over those Radiohead tickets.

7. I need a similar goal. I was doing okay with at least reading what I picked up at the Library before getting more, but that has slipped a bit. and goodness knows I still have books from forever (and Sean) that I have intended to read off our own shelves.

8. is going to be fun!!

9. I wish I could make the move, but I can't get the friends I want to move to move...deep sigh. Been kicking around playing with the G+ hangout option for a book club type thing...

10. i agree with Deanna, cull photos diligently!

13. yes, just how many are we talking about here?


Mattson Tomlin said...

Couldn't find you on facebook- and this explains it! Jealous of those Radiohead tix- forget trying to get that in NY, looks like I'll have to find them in Japan one of these years.

Hope the holidays are going well- making an announcement of the next film in a few weeks- (as well as finishing Solomon) I think you're going to love it.