Tuesday, November 01, 2011

there's a monster in my belly, a poem

there's a monster in my belly,
it's colored black and brown.
and every time i'm up about
i think it goes to town.

its claws are sharp and hairy,
they scratch around inside.
poke! screech. twang! snip.
they shear away my pride.

its eyes are always open,
like mine, they're green and blue.
they soak up their surroundings,
and take especial note of you.

its teeth are razor blades and thorns,
made for chomping right through stone.
i've been bitten a time or twelve,
though it's never hit a bone.

from time to time it travels,
but never far it goes,
just up the spine to my brain
or slithers way down to my toes.

i wish, i wish, i wish times three,
that this monster'd leave and let me be,
that it'd sneak off to a closet or under a bed,
and let me sleep and rest my head.


My stomach hurts.  Chronically.  Keisha fell and hurt her neck a few days ago; she's been hardly able to turn her head.  She chiropractered it up yesterday, and is going back again today.  Hopefully she gets well soon.

Halloween was a success.  Avonlea was most beautiful, I must say.  She went as an artist.  She even painted her own pieces, though she was no fan of dipping her hands or feet in the paints.  Still, Mommy & Daddy insisted.  We then framed each of the pieces on some colored poster boards.  Then we took a black drape and taped up all the artwork.  We created a sign that said "Museum de Avonlea."  Keisha dressed up as a museum curator.  I dressed up as an avant-garde art critic.  I splatter painted a onesie and Avonlea wore it, black pants, a beret, and a penciled moustache.   She was quite adorable, though she was not a fan of the 'stache being drawn on.  All in all, Halloween was a success.

Happy Movember to all participants, as well as NoShave participants.  And super happy NaNoWriMo to those brave souls.  Perhaps next year I'll jump aboard again.  We'll see.


Anonymous said...

fun poem. and lovely post, but what is this w/ no pictures of said costumes?

i'm glad you and yours had a sweet and memorable first halloween...I was trying to take pictures of N and she was grumbling, but really, we can track her growing most consistently through halloween photos (not just age, but sheer personality, sigh).


David Wagner said...

Your stomach pain might be from all that Mountain Dew you drink!

I'm trying my hand at NaNoWriMo again this year. Up to the last second, I planned on writing more content for my languishing fantasy novel, but I panicked, and decided to start something fresh. An experimental piece, actually. If it gains a foothold, and looks like it's taking off, I'll email you details. Otherwise, it will buy me time until I can summon the strength to finish giving my fantasy novel a good honest look and perhaps outline the rest of book one.... it could probably use another 50K words to get it to a good stopping point for all four of the main storylines...

Cool idea for your daughter's costume. And a solid poem effort.

Lay off the Mountain Dew!


logankstewart said...

@L: Ah, we have pics, but they've yet to be uploaded. Without a smartphone and an outdated computer+camera, we're a bit slow on this kind of stuff.

@Dave: Alas, I suspect the Dew plays a part of my constant stomach ails. But I just can't stop!