Monday, April 02, 2012

A Bunch of Birds with One Stone

April First was the start date for the Blogging from A to Z challenge.  I don't normally do these kinds of things, but I thought that this sounded fun, so I thought, hey, why not?  If Dave's doing it, then it can't be that hard, right?  But then I think of how Dave blogged for an entire year straight, not missing a day, and I think of his mental fortitude, and I question myself.  I question my motives, my resolve.

Some bloggers have a theme for all 26 posts in April; others just wing it.  Me, I think I'll spontaneously* plan to do something like this.
Week 1:  Randomness (4/1-4/7, A-G)
Week 2:  Serialize a very short and likely absurd story (4/9-4/14, H-M)
Week 3:  Various Musings (4/16-4/21, N-S)
Week 4:  Undecided (4/23-4/28, T-Y)
Week 5:  Conclusion (4/30, Z)
Considering that I'm already a day late, I've decided to combine A & B into one (short) post.

I would be a terrible father if I did not point out that my daughter's name begins with A.  Avonlea will be 10 months on April 9, and I'm sad to say that it's been an incredibly quick ten months.  Hard to believe just how much she's grown and developed.  She's learned to crawl (kind of) just last week, but her mobility is currently limited to a mere few inches.  She's also now sprouting fangs from the top of her mouth, though they're just barely through the gums.  At her 9-month appointment last week, she weighed 13lb-15oz, which puts her below the 3rd-Percentile mark on weight charts, but she's doing fine and healthy.  Mostly just a slobber factory at present.

I'm very blessed to have a daughter like her, and I look very much forward to watching her grow up.

For the letter B, I must discuss Baldness.  This picture at the right is a lovely aerial taken by my wife.  Truth be told, my balding bothers her more than it does me.  Last year I was shaving the whole head during the summer, but it took a lot of time to do, and it got cold come Fall.  I let my hair grow again and decided to opt out of the comb-over by shaving a simple cul-de-sac.  This is a great compromise from the full head shave, as it's very quick to do and it's cooling for the unseasonably Spring heat.

I've always been the type of person to wear a ball cap.  I remember being told repeatedly growing up that wearing a hat would make me go bald.  My response was always the same: "Yeah, well when I'm bald, I'll still be wearing a hat, so what's it matter?"  Apparently people were right, as I began going bald in college.  (It could have been engineering school, too.)  But I still wear hats, except at church, where I sit on the stage beneath the lights and play guitar, usually positioned in such a way that my head is down and a heavenly glow is likely reflecting from my top.


*Can one spontaneously plan something?


Jaimee Hunter said...

Sweet posts. I'll be reading to see how your plan works out??

leslie said...

*I don't know, but it sounds good.

aww Avonlea has such pretty eyes!! Glad she is healthy and well!

Baldness...nice choice for B.

~L (omphaloskepsis)

leslie said...
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Diz said...

Beautiful Baby :)

Abbie Josephsen said...

Avonlea is already 10 months?!?!! wow! I remember your post about her being born :) Good luck with the blogging! I"m looking forward to week 2 though, cause I love your shorts!! always very good :D

David Wagner said...

A heavenly glow reflecting from the top? lol, nice.

Glad I could indirectly influence you to try blogging all month... it will be fun to see what you come up with...

Jordan Baize said...

"B" is for baldness for me too, Logan. I'm headed that direction faster than I care to say.

Looking forward to getting together soon.


Mel said...

Your daughter has beautiful eyes and incredible eyelashes...jealous a bit :)

logankstewart said...

@Mel: Thanks! They are most beautiful, I daresay.