Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss.

I could talk about how much I love the guy and how I first found The Name of the Wind just weeks after its publication date while on my honeymoon.  How, on a whim, I decided to buy the book just because it sounded interesting and I liked the title.  How I took that book home and had a complete paradigm shift in the way I thought about books and fantasy and story telling.  How I emailed Pat after finishing the book and thanking him for revitalizing my reading life.  How I mailed him my 1st ed, 1st printing hardback, along with "something cool" as payment, and how he signed and shipped it back.  How my "something cool" was a quarter with a bullet hole in it that I shot, and how he's mentioned the quarter both on his blog and at one of the signings I saw him at as one of the cooler things that he's received.

I could talk about how much I love The Name of the Wind and how, even though it's my favorite novel, I've never actually done a proper book review of it here on Rememorandom.  How I've purchased several paperbacks and given them away to people to help open their eyes to the rich world Pat's written.  How I mailed my brother a copy of it while he was over in Afghanistan and how he loved it and read it multiple times.  How I am currently re-re-re-reading it and enjoying it still very much.

I could talk about The Wise Man's Fear and how much I enjoyed it, how I felt that it captured the same spirit as its predecessor and further deepened my love for Kvothe and his life.  How I happily waited the many years for its publication date, never once doubting Pat's genius, never once getting upset that it was taking too long.  How the book is subtle and the mysteries are deep and complex.

I could talk about Pat's annual fundraiser that he started with Heifer International and how, from the goodness of his heart, he donated an unreasonably large amount of his own money to something he believed in because it was the right thing to do.  How he's continued to grow the fundraiser into something enormous, something that changes the world.  How he seems to be an all around good chap, undeniably smart, and truly funny.

Yes, there is a lot I could talk about when it comes to Pat Rothfuss.  I've met the guy twice, both at signings, and both times I got starstruck.  Embarrassingly so.  I can honestly say that he is no doubt my favorite author and that I've recommended his books more than any other, and I like to think that I've made a few disciples along the way.  For those of you who may not know him, I boldly recommend that you pick up The Name of the Wind and check it out.  I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


David Wagner said...

I doubt you need someone to "second" your recommendation, but just in case, I agree... The Name of the Wind is one of my very favorite books, and Pat is, in fact, The Man.

Next, shoot a dime from 3/4-mile away with a .50 cal sniper rifle!

Jonboy said...

I too am one of the disciples!

Can't WAIT for the 3rd book. It is sure to be equally brilliant.

redhead said...

"and had a complete paradigm shift in the way I thought about books and fantasy and story telling. "

Yes! that!!

Rothfuss is beyond incredible. I just adore everything about him. I had the chance to meet him once, and he is so unexpectedly down to earth. and I do recall him mentioning something about a coin with a bullet hole. . .

Arlee Bird said...

That's a powerful recommendation. I've never heard of him, but now I'll be more aware of this author.

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logankstewart said...

@redhead: His being down to earth is part of the reason why I like him so much. I think we could just hang out and be fine, as soon as I got over my shock.

@Arlee: Yes, and I can make it even more powerful if need be. Check this guy out if you get a chance. Thanks for stopping by!

Carl V. said...

I'm not sure if I told you or not but I won a really cool autographed book (Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Angel Game, the Subterranean Press special edition) from the drawing for donating to H.I. I wasn't expecting anything, did it just because I thought the cause was cool, but how fun to actually win something!

He's a very cool, fun author. I don't spend near the time on his blog that I should, so I count on your occasional Rothfuss posts to get me back on track. :)

Geeky Daddy said...

I am not that sure WHY I am still not reading The Name of the Wind. I am hoping is June I will finally read it. I have so many that have recommended it to me. They also said that they LOVED it.

The next time he comes to Wisconsin for a signing. I am going to be there.

What a wonderful post.

logankstewart said...

@Carl: No, I didn't know that you won, but that's awesome. I've donated every year and I've not won anything, but it's all good. Maybe one of these days.

@Geeky Daddy: Pat actually lives in Wisconsin, in (or near) a town called Stevens Point. So, you know, he conceivably does more readings/signings locally than elsewhere. I know nothing about Wisconsin's geography, though, so that could be hundreds of miles away from wherever you are. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I urge you to pick up TNOTW in June. As a Geek, you won't regret it.

Carl V. said...

I didn't realize he lived in Stevens Point. I have relatives who live there. Beautiful place. Some of my favorite childhood vacation memories are visiting there.