Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rubber Cement

The fact that we're just soft tissue and blood speaks a lot about us.
If we were, for instance, a harder tissue, then we would be invincible.
At least physically.
If we had no need for blood, we would have no need for a heart,
and we would be invincible.
At least emotionally.
But the fact remains that we're simply breakable flesh and hearts.
To be human is to walk and fall, to profess and to be hurt.
Every person makes mistakes,
over and over again.
To live is to learn from these mistakes and continue on,
but it's also to make the same mistakes and continue on.
It's like there's some rubber cement on us and our problems,
and no matter how hard we pull, we can't break it.
But, with help, the glue will come off.
It may leave a slight residue, but it will no longer bind.
It may have a stink, and others may wrinkle their nose, but smile on.
Over and over again, we march.
Despite what others say, despite our mistakes, we press on.
It's to be human. To love,
it's to be human. To fail,
it's to be human.

And so we must stay true to ourselves and true to others,
especially during trials. Forgive. Love. Trust. Help.
God, who gives us our soft tissue and blood, does the same for us.
He forgives, and so must we.
He loves, and so must we.
We must live this life our best, and that's all we can do.


marky said...

Nice work, dude. I liked that a lot. Good to see the creative juices are flowing.

I started sketching for the first time in ages last night. It felt amazing. It's been so long since I did anything creative, that I feared I'd dried up. For some reason I have become obsessed with drawing Pegasus's fighting.

WV: bublearr, I pirates love for bubbles, never wanes!

logankstewart said...

Thanks, Marky. I'm not at liberty to say the reasonings behind the post, but my heart grieves a little. Why do other people's actions affect us so, especially those from our friends and family? It must stem from love and respect.

I'll take the hurt over the life of a hermit.

Keep up the drawing, dude. I'm finding myself enjoying art of all mediums more and more daily.

marky said...

I'm finding myself enjoying art of all mediums more and more daily.
Me too, me too. Is there any other way to see the true beauty of the human soul?