Friday, March 06, 2009

Stepping off the Edge

Well, friends, you've convinced me. I apologize for the images, but I didn't want to just put no images, so I added a few random ones. I really like the way the music sounds with the song. You can hear the original here. The video may need to take a moment to buffer and load for it to play correctly. If not, you can download the mp3 here.

Again, recognition goes to Don Williams, the original singer & songwriter. Thanks for listening, folks. Feedback is encouraged....gulp. Splat.


Captain Joe said...

Sheet, Logan. That stuff was boss. Not just any boss, either, it was big boss.

Feedback, eh? Heh...

It's not at all how I imagined you would sound. It was better. To my humble ears it sounded professional, well played and well done.

Being new to this song, I had no basis for comparison, so I seeked that original and had a listen. Fantastic song.

How long did it take you to get this down? Seems like a lot of effort would've gone in to it not just on the vocals but the music side of things, too.

Awesome stuff, dude, really cool. Really, really cool.

Singing is one creative outlet I've never considered, but this does inspire... heh, maybe not. Just karaoke for me.

logankstewart said...

Cap'n Joe,

A thousand thousand thanks. The process took only four recording takes: the first being rhythm guitar and vocals, the second being backup/add'l guitar, the third being rhythm and some mandolin melody, the fourth being the really high mandolin melody. All done using the Audacity recording program, a simple mic for my laptop, and earphones (to dampen out external noise).

Thanks again, friend.

marky said...

That was brilliant. You're a talented dude, dude. I hope the nerves are all gone now!

If I was to give you a compliment, the only one I could give you is....I would buy that.

100% loved it.


logankstewart said...

Sweet and thanks, Marky. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Perhaps someday I'll post more. I've actually got a cd I've been recording when I have time, just for my own fun and enjoyment. Perhaps I'll post something original sometime down the road.