Monday, August 03, 2009

From a Hotel in Frankfort

The Interweb's sketchy
and my laptop makes noises
like the scratchy-scratch scratch of a fountain head on parchment.

The Jayhawks play
and my stomach roars
as mighty and fierce as the kitty-kat kat of the Savannah.

Where have all my friends gone?
Where is my love?
Who knows the things I know?
Who can comprehend?


Splish-splash I just took a bath
and now I'm out to supper
like a simile stretching to make sense,
like a dollar looking to make cents,
the scratchy-scratch scratch is only the desk I'm at!


David Wagner said...

Have fun in Frankfurt! Never been to Germany before, that's so cool...

I know, I know... Kentucky. Well, in this case, one little letter separates Kentucky from Germany...

Unless you're in Frankfort, Nebraska...

Krista said...

Too funny!

logankstewart said...

Nebraska? You mean that state still exists? Wow.