Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Trip To The Dentist

Yesterday I went to the dentist to get some fillings. Four, in fact. However, considering that I have not been to see a dentist in almost six years (for lack of insurance), I consider my teeth quite healthy. For a long time I flossed every night, but eventually I fell out of habit of doing it regularly, and so I developed the cavities. Plus, I really really like candy.

All in all, the experience was re-enlightening. I wasn't nervous going in, but soon my nerves got the better of me, especially after the first few bouts of pain after the numbing had been done. Yes, even though I had five shots of anaesthetic in my gums I still managed to feel the drilling and whatnot in two different teeth. So, I was given a few more localized shots, which helped for one of the teeth. Determined to get me numb, the dentist gave me something stronger, but I'm not sure what it was. After this, my entire left side of my face was numb, extending from my throat up to behind my left eye. I couldn't feel my nose, eyes, lips, and definitely not the stubborn tooth.

Finally the dentist was able to start the cavity removal and filling process. By this point I was nervous, my hands tightly clinched as they rested on my chest. At one point the dentist had to stop and go help someone else, which was fine with me. I tried talking to the nurse, but my tongue and mouth didn't want to work normally, so I said little. When the dentist returned he finished the process as quickly as he could. It was quite disconcerting to hear and feel the vibrations of the tools, but not feel the pain I should be feeling. Even worse was the stench/taste of burning tooth.

Eventually it was over. I had a throbbing headache and was very numb. I probably shouldn't have driven home, but I did (and made it there fine). Keisha spoiled me with some nice tuna casserole and delicious carrot cake, though it pains me to write that I couldn't really taste them very well. My face remained numb for about five hours or so, up until I was ready to go to bed.

The whole process was relatively smooth, despite the pain and numbing. It opened my eyes to how personal and intimate a dentist's job is. The relationship is strange, needless to say. It also served as a reminder that I should stick with flossing and taking better care of my teeth. I now brush, floss, and use mouthwash quite regularly, as opposed to simply brushing twice a day. Thankfully, it's easily becoming a habit.


Krista said...

Don't worry I love candy, too! I have pretty good looking teeth, if I do say so myself. Straight and white. But I did get one cavity I had to get pulled not too long ago, and boy did it hurt! The dentist really is all up in your personal space, thank goodness I'm not claustrophobic!

Well, I'm glad your dentist trip went good for the most part.

Edward said...

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Diana Dickert said...

Yeah, a dentist's work can be pretty complex. It requires clear communication, especially in the case of children, as they need all the support they can get to go through the procedures. The dentist also handles some pretty strong tools to fix and clean such delicate teeth so a steady hand is needed to use them safely and effectively...

Landon Heath said...

Visiting a dentist once in a while is important. As we all know, we need to have regular oral checkups for healthy teeth. This is a habit that we should maintain. After all, we are the ones who will benefit the most from this healthy habit.

Elinor Ruel said...

Good. Well, I expect you’re doing really well now, buddy. I do hope you are still having regular dental check-ups and consultations every once in a while to maintain that healthy and strong teeth.

Elinor Ruel

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