Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Desultory Thoughts About Diddly Squat

There are times in life when you feel like Bono, walking through the empty streets of London searching for something that you can’t find, knowing that you never will find what you’re looking for. Or maybe you feel like a scarecrow that’s scared of the crows, which is really quite inefficient. But we’re talking kings and successions, even you can’t be caught unawares.

Don’t you hate it when the book your reading turns out to not be what you’re expecting? It’s like taking a big drink of pop, expecting the full richness of Mt. Dew and instead getting Coke or tea. While there’s nothing wrong with Coke or tea, there’s nothing good about that false excitement and sudden revulsion, either. Treasured is about finding tangible reminders of God’s active presence in our lives through life stories of the author. So far, I feel like I’m reading chick literature, which is a definite let down. Maybe it’s because I’m still coming off the high of Last Argument of Kings?

So prepare for the coup of the century, be prepared for the murkiest scam. Have I ever pointed out my favorite Disney movie of all time? It’s Aladdin. I love it. The comedy still cracks me up every time I watch it. Genie and Al are too funny. I’m glad Disney made good cartoon movies back then instead of this weird stuff they’re making now. My second favorite Disney movie? You’d never guess it in a million years.

Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning… Where does that leave us? In the dregs of the soup bowl? In anticipation for Thanksgiving? In the throws of the soul of music, floating on like Modest Mouse? We look into the mirror and see not ourselves staring back but the Witch King of Angmar, blade aglow and flail a-ready. (You have to admit, his design is awesome.) Startled at the sight of the Black Captain, we jump back and stumble into Outkast, which startles them into an outburst of “Hey Ya!”

Decades of denial is simply why I’ll be king, undisputed, respected, saluted, and seen for the wonder I am. Tearstained cheeks with mascara streaks make us all eke out own. The terror of everyday living, of everyday knowing, is enough to drive even the stoic up the wall of emotion. There is no sanctuary. There is only Australia, the last great hope for man. How sad would I be if I dropped my favorite coffee cup, the handcrafted one from the pottery place, and it shattered at my feet?

Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared. The Ciabatta sandwiches for supper last night were really good. Heroes was okay, but only okay. Big Bang Theory was funny, as it always is. I was eschewing Black Friday deals (I have to work), but I saw that Best Buy is selling Fallout 3 GOTY Edition for $20. I can’t pass that up. They’ve also got Dragon Age for $40, but I think I’ll let that one slide for now. Of course, on the flip side, I always have my calculus.

Be prepared!


Bilski said...

Not only is Aladdin funny, but I still believe it has some of the best songs of any Disney movie ever made. I mean, if you run across Arabian Nights, Prince Ali, or A Whole New World, how can you not belt along with it too?

On a totally different note, I too will be working this Black Friday. Looking through the Outlook calendars here at work, I'm afraid I'll be the only one here. If so the secretaries and I are definitely going to play some penny football! :D

David Wagner said...

Love the post today... fun to read, big time.

Is your second fave Disney flick the animated Robin Hood by chance?

I'm going to put off buying Dragon Age for quite a while... I can't afford to have a distraction of that magnitude just yet. I have to stick to games I can jump in and out of, maybe 15 to 30 minutes at a go... from what I understand, DA is one of those games you look up to notice that hours have gone by, it's that good.

Can't have that just yet. Maybe in the spring...

logankstewart said...

@Bill: 100% dead on absolutely right there. Aladdin has some of the best music in any of the Disney movies, which I failed to mention in my post. All of those songs are so great. As for Black Friday, I know my boss is bringing in donuts, so that's a plus.

@David: Fun to write big time, too, pal. Nope, Robin Hood is not it, but you can keep guessing. Dragon Age looks awesome, and I've heard no bad reviews. Nothing like a fantastic RPG to keep you on your butt and staring at the screen.

Marie said...

Great post! I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving! :-)

logankstewart said...

Thank you Marie. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, too.

Krista said...

Fun Post!

I love Aladdin, too! Yeah, you're right I love all the old Disney movie verses the newer cartoon movies...

And I'd have to say your second favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast? Well, it was always my number one and really it still is :)

logankstewart said...

@Krista: Nope, not Beauty and the Beast either, though I do like them in the Fables graphic novels.