Friday, November 06, 2009

The List of the Day

1.  I survived, which should be stated first.  In fact, the meeting was rather interesting, though it was filled with jargon and I had no idea what was being discussed from time to time.  Also, it would’ve been more interesting if I had been on this project from the get-go (1997) instead of jumping in when it’s almost finished.  Nevertheless, there’s a lot for me to do, though I’m not sure exactly how to go about doing it.

2.  The shooting at Ft. Hood fills me with sadness.  Why such senselessness?  How can someone get to the state of mind where they want to kill?  It pains me, but what can I do about it?  Pray, I guess.

3.  My XBox 360 was returned to the dealer, since it didn’t work, and instead of replacing it they decided to give me a refund.  I’m not sure if I like that, but now maybe I can get one even cheaper than the last one!

4.  I know where I want to go with my NaNoWriMo book.  I did my outline on the two hour return drive yesterday.  Now I hope I can pull it off.  I’m at a little over 7000 words, so I think I’m right on track.

4.673 David, I know you’re not a fan of CAPTCHA, so I thought I’d share this cartoon a friend of mine (Bill) sent me.Super Happy Robot Cartoon Captcha II Fun Hour

5.  I’m going to a play tonight.  It’s called “Come Blow Your Horn.”  One of my cousin’s is starring in it and one of my friends is a co-director.  I’m excited.  I may even review it!

6.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of trading on this website here, called SwapTree.  Basically, it’s a place where you list books/cds/dvds/video games that you want and then list books/cds/dvds/video games that you’re willing to part with.  The community is quite large and I’ve been satisfied with it so far.  Plus, it’s good for the environment, too, by reusing items instead of buying them new.  If this sounds interesting to you, check it out.  It’s pretty safe, too, I believe.

7,8,9,10.  Homeless shelter this weekend.  Third trip there.  The Last Argument of Kings is awesome so far.  I’ve drawn a few maps for my book, too.  Penn Station is good, but only if you’re not buying.


David Wagner said...

Yay! Randomness! I love it!

Great comic. Glad your meeting went well, and gladder still that you have an outline and some maps for your novel... go team go!

Definitely will check out SwatTree, thanks for the link.

Loved Last Arg. of Kings... I keep wanting to write "Hey, what about 'this' part! Wasn't that awesome!" But I don't want to spoil anything for you. I'll just have to be patient, like the young padawan that I am...

death to captcha!

Krista said...

Man, I wanna go to a play. I haven't been to one in sometime now though I love'em. I wouldn't mind a review either :)

Glad the meeting went well, or better than expected... :)

Hey, I might have some stuff to trade :)

Have a great weekend!!

logankstewart said...

@David: Thanks, Swaptree's great, and Abercrombie's awesome. Can't wait to finish, though it'll be bittersweet.

@Krista: Plays are always super fun, meetings aren't, trading's great, and weekends are awesome! Yay!