Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things About Logan (Part 5)

It's been a long time since I've done one of these posts.

Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here.  Part 3 is here.  Part 3 (again) is here.  Part 4 is here.

i.  I eat onions, though as a child I swore I never would.
iii.  There is a thing called Transcendental Folk music.  There is a band called Elephant Revival.  I now own their second album.
v.  I like my Kindle more than I ever imagined I would.
oneThe line is drawn, the curse it is cast...
vii.  Holding Avonlea and rocking her to sleep at night is one great joy that I cannot describe.
ix.  Imagine the grossest thing you've ever done/had done to you.  Now multiply that by around forty-six or so.  Now throw in a dog and, uhm, doggy byproduct.  Let's say that I win.
xi.  I abandoned Facebook.  My account's still open (for those that read Rememorandom there), but I'm not planning on coming back.
xiii.  My faith has been challenged more this year than any year ever before, like I'm being refined in a forge fire.  This is exciting, yet also un-fun.
twoThe slow one now will later be fast...
xv.  I'm pretty sure that there are no ugly characters in The Great Hunt.  Everybody is uncannily beautiful.
xvii.  A few weeks ago I took a razor blade to my head.  Since then, I've repeated this process weekly.  I love having a bald head.  (Keisha does not.)
xix.  I've got a stack of books to review from publishers/authors, and I don't have much time to devote to them at the moment.
three.  As the present now will later be past...
xxi.   Big meeting next week, kinda making me nervy, as they always do.
xxiii.  I'm still reading the Fables comics, and it's the only one I actually take time to go to the comic shop and purchase.
xxv.  Stella cut her cornea a while back, but it's mostly healed.
xxvii.  I make my own trail mix.  Holla.
fourThe order is rapidly fadin'...
xxix.  Currently reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, Bloodlines by John Piper, Don't Check Your Brains at the Door by Josh McDowell, the Book of Second Kings and Second Chronicles by God, and The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan.  I'm starting A Dance With Dragons tomorrow, methinks.
xxxi.  Sometimes I get emails from people asking me to review a book and I can tell that they've never spent any time on my blog.  The insincerity is easy to spot.  But sometimes I get respectful-and-sincere emails, where the sender at least pretends like they're trying.  I'm much more likely to say yes with the latter.
xxxiii.  That's a long Roman Numeral.
fiveAnd the first one now will later be last...
xxxv.  I love Monday Night Tennis league.
xxxvii.  I wish OBKY was a bike-friendly city.
xxxix.  Parentheses are definitely the best of the punctuation marks.
xli.  The word ampersand (&) originates from us having an open-ended alphabet, concluding with "...X, Y, Z and per se and."  This morphed to "...X, Y, and Z" somehow, and the & at the end dropped off.  Fascinating.
sixOh the times they are a-changin.
xliii.  I've memorized over fifty verses of Scripture so far for 2011, putting me at about the halfway mark.
xlv.  Skyrim is in the future, and so is the new Zelda game, but I shan't buy either, as gaming has practically ceased to exist.  I've still not beat New Vegas...
xlvii.  I make monstrous Excel sheets with lots of useful/useless information.
xlix.  Seems like a good stopping point.


Bill said...

This bald head claim of yours demands pictures be posted at once!

Anonymous said...

i. me, too.
v. we've the nook and I have found it brilliant (though presently underused)
ix. ick, that must be phenomenally gross then.
xi. are you going to stick w/ google+? I'm warming to it, though I feel a bit stretched trying to keep up w/ all my social media outlets.
xvii. I hear it's hard to go back.
xix. I am actually am determined not to get any more books (other than 'request/holds') until I am done w/ what I have (unless it is new-release and absolutely necessary)
xxi. good luck.
xxiii. for all the recommendations, I've yet to dive into those.
xxix. enjoy Dance w/ Dragons, Sean thought it was really good, but now the waiting for the next one burns.
xxxi. spam review requests?
xxxiii. yeah, it is.
xxxvii. yeah. we enjoy ours, though alarmingly enough, around N's school at open and close is not all that friendly. I nearly collided with a woman who stepped out of her SUV into the bike lane (of which she spanned) right in front of me. thank goodness no traffic, was going to be painful scratching up her shiny behemoth and kicking her in the shins.
xxxix. i still love the semi-colon. though when N uses the exclamation mark it makes me smile.
xli. fascinating, thanks for that.
xliii. congrats! keep up the good work!
xlv. we dug out the wii & played mario kart--on my player because I've almost beaten the thing & because it's harder--but now we all suck at it.
xlvii. you sound like an engineer.
xlix. i agree.

love when you do these posts.

logankstewart said...

@Bill: There are pictures, just nothing special. Someday, maybe.

@L: Aye, I'm sticking with G+. Me gusta so far... hahaha. I sound like an engineer. You're not the first to mention that.