Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things About Logan (Part 3)

Parts 1 and 2 are available here and here, if you're interested.

1.00 Diet Mt. Dew's okay.
0.95 I'm hooked on crossword puzzles.
0.90 I have a stack of business cards with my name on them.
0.85 My favorite soups are: chicken noodle, chicken & rice, potato, broccoli and cheddar, zuppa, vegetable beef, and tortilla. I really, really like soup.
0.80 I like to cook.
0.75 I've been fascinated by astronomy since I was a wee lad. I love learning about stars and planets and orbits and celestial bodies.
0.70 I have a dentist appointment today. Outlook not good.
0.65 I'm currently testing out Google's Chrome web browser. It's got a few things I don't like, but it's got some things I do, too.
0.60 Keisha and I try to read (aloud) a chapter or two or three or so from the Bible each night.
0.55 I'm currently in the process of "forceful" negotiations with my cable provider. I've threatened to blog and post about their lack of service, kind of like this guy.
0.50 I once switched my keyboard from the standard QWERTY layout to the DVORAK system. It was quite difficult, and I didn't like it, so I switched back.
0.45 It's almost lunch time.
0.40 I'm currently working on median ditch calculations, where I'm gathering hydrological information (rain intensity, drainage areas, etc) and running the data through a old DOS based program. Gotta love modern technology.
0.35 I sneeze two or three times every morning, almost as soon as I get to my desk.
0.30 I went to a Dulcimer Club meeting the other night. I was the youngest one there by probably 40 years, but that's okay. It was still fun.
0.25 I've known Keisha most of my life. We grew up just a few miles apart.
0.20 = 1/5
0.15 I'm going to Louisville this weekend to help my best friend pack and move stuff up out of his apartment. Then, later that night we're getting together and playing some poker. The Dairy Kastle may also be in order.
0.10 I'm going to start training and conditioning myself to become a runner. I really want to be healthier.
0.05 Yes, it's true. I'm currently reading New Moon.

If you don't follow the link above from #0.55, then just watch the video below. It's an amazing story. Plus it's really quite funny. And completely true.


Krista said...

That video is too funny...LOL!

You are reading New Moon, no way, how do you like it? I liked the overall of the books, but to be honest, I just thought they were a little too lovey dovey, but really that's my only criticism for the whole lot. Besides that though I thought they were pretty good. However, I enjoyed The Host by her much better it was a pretty cool read.

Heh, I love soup too and all the ones you named, except zuppa, I have no idea what that is..LOL!

logankstewart said...

Aye, I'm reading New Moon. My wife really loves the series, and I read Twilight back before the movie, so I thought I might as well read the rest of the books. Look for a review eventually...

Zuppa is an Italian soup. It's available at Olive Garden, where it is fantastic. It's broth based, with spinach, potatoes, and Italian sausage. Pretty good stuff.

Captain Joe said...

Hey, Logan.

How's things? That video is hilarious. A lot of tarmac down here is automated now (the rampies just push buttons) but I've seen them hurling mail entire wingspans!

All the best, mate.

logankstewart said...

Cap'n Joe! Life is going swell, friend. I'm taking it you've been pretty busy. You have a first hand experience with eyewitnessing airport manhandling, eh? And entire wingspans!? Wow.

marky said...

Funny vid Logan. How did you get on at the dentist? I hope it didn't hurt.

Put the New Moon down, and step away. No good will come of it, trust me.:-)

logankstewart said...

Dentist went (mostly) fine. As for putting down New Moon, that's a No Can Do. Unfortunately, once I start and commit to a book, I typically try to finish, regardless whether or not I enjoy it. There'll be a review coming once I finish.