Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Greatest Albums of All Time?

I have decided to start a personal journey, one where I will list the seven greatest albums of all time. There's only one rule: the album has to be on my iPod, which just so happens to be a 30 gig and is practically full (I think I have just under 1 gig of free space left to occupy). This journey will take some time to complete, but will hopefully yield a better understanding of what's in my library and what needs to be out of my library. This challenge will be difficult, as it will span many genres, but also leave out others.

I will base my decision on lyrics, the music, and whether or not I like the combination of the two, which I should, since they are on my iPod.

Once I have listened to and decided, I will post the results here. Until then, faithful readers, I have a challenge for you: what do you think the best albums of all time are? And, more importantly, will they be on my iPod? I have music ranging from the 20s to now, mind you, and in many different genres, except rap and hip-hop. Does that imply that I have polka music? Yes. Does that also imply that I have some yodeling? Again, yes. What about country. Aye. Classic rock? Of course. Gospel? Yep. Death metal? Um, no, no death metal either. The hardest stuff on there is System of a Down, Linkin Park, and Flogging Molly, I think. I think I have a pretty good feel for what's on my iPod, but I fully expect to be surprised, too.

Anyway, what are your favorite albums?
[Disclaimer: Your albums will not affect my decision on the best albums. Take it or leave it.]


marky said...

Morning. What a great idea! My iPod’s screen has been broken for months, so I've got it on shuffle constantly.

Hey, I'm too cheap to get it replaced!

My favourite album is a hard one to call. I love my tunes, and I've got plenty of them.

So, I'll kick you off with the first album I ever listened to.

The White Album, by the Beatles.

I'm not a huge fan of the Beatles, but I can't deny that they wrote some brilliant songs/albums.

logankstewart said...

Marky, I hate to say it, the White Album is probably going to be on my list. Of all the Beatles albums, it's looking like 2 are going to make my list.

Krista said...

Sublime, I love any and all songs by Sublime! Also, Nirvana's Nevermind album is awesome!

I'm a big fan of any and all music really, but these are two of my favorites!

Shellie said...

Cant wait to see your future postings on this one. I'm just upgrading my little ipod to a bigger one.....

David Wagner said...

I would consider any of these, in no particular order:

The Joshua Tree, by U2
Black Celebration, by Depeche Mode
Alter Bridge, by Alter Bridge
Nylon Curtain, by Billy Joel
X&Y, by Coldplay
Jars of Clay, by Jars of Clay
Reanimation, by Linkin Park
Dead Man's Party, by Oingo Boingo
One Trick Pony, by Paul Simon
Meat is Murder, the Smiths
The Beautiful Letdown, by Switchfoot
Come Together, by Third Day

logankstewart said...

I am just past the 60% mark of this quest to listen to my iPod. This has taken one whole month, but it's been fun (and trying at times).

@Krista: I have no Sublime, sorry to say, nor do I own a complete Nirvana album, though Nevermind would be the one I'd buy.

@Shellie: Congrats on the upgrade. I would like to have a smaller iPod for running and working out, but I really like my large one, too.

@David: I like Wire so much better than Come Together, though you did hit the nail with The Joshua Tree and Jars of Clay.

I'm keeping it a surprise everybody. And I'm keeping an Excel sheet with my rankings and ratings, which I'll be sharing when it's all said and done.

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