Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Special #1

In response to a dear, faithful reader, I've decided to create a special Weekend Post. (I typically don't post on the weekend, but I think I may start this Weekend Special.) The Weekend Special is a place for you to write about whatever you're currently reading and would like to discuss or opine on. The only request is to please put the title of the book (or movie, etc.) at the front of the post, that way anyone afraid of SPOILERS can avoid reading the comments. If you're comment is SPOILER-FREE, you can throw that tag out there, too.

So, I invite you to post what you want. Odds are, among Rememorandom's followers and those that just stop by, you won't be the only one to have read something, so you're comments won't be just out there in the open. However, keep in mind that that is a possibility, as you could render everyone speechless with your amazing thoughts.

Have fun, and let the discussion/opinions/thoughts begin.


David Wagner said...

Recently finished Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch, and was quite thoroughly underwhelmed. The middle was interminable and as a result, the ending was rushed, I felt. I believe the two main characters (Locke and Jean) are good characters, but their potential is being frittered away. I'll read the next in the series, not because I think Lynch will better harness the potential of his characters, but to see if he reveals anything about the ancient civilization responsible for the Elderglass cities.

Currently reading A Cavern of Black Ice, by J.V. Jones. Not far enough in to make an assessment yet, but it's holding me so far.

Krista said...

The Sword Of Shannara by Terry Brooks!
Also, for you to better understand a part of my post, mind you, one of the questions we asked before going into this Trilogy was "Do you think that The Sword Of Shannara is a rip-off of The Lord of The Rings?"

Chapters 1-7 (Possible Spoilers)

I am really liking this book so far and it's intriguing realm and characters. We have Allanon our mysterious traveler, Flick the caring brother, Shea the long lost Elf King(heir), and Menion a to die for best friend. It seems to me that Brooks has set us up with some really fantastic characters that seem to all have there own special qualities.

Flick, he's a strong character it seems. Shea is not his true brother, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love him as such. You can really feel his love for his brother, because he won't let Shea take this daring quest to fend and fight on his own. (I can see the comparison here to Frodo and Sam's characters in LOTR and ones love for one another, however, I still really enjoy it!) Flick shows heart and bravery even though at times he's absolutely terrified and I'm really liking this character so far. ( Something I love about Brooks is so far his characters seem to get scared and even terrified at times and shows it, it makes the characters more real to me.)

Shea, we have an Elf King, or heir to the throne, who didn't know he was such until recently and even now he's not so sure he believes it or not. Shea makes for a really brave and caring character to leave at the first sign of danger, not for the fact of being a King or getting his hands on the Shannara Sword, but for the saftey of others even though he was scared stiff and didn't want to leave his father. He also seems grateful for the love his brother has for him and joining him on this dangerous quest.

Menion, I have to say he is my favorite character so far. Menion makes for a wonderful friend that anyone would die to have, and I find him to be quite funny as well. He's right there beside his friend to help him on his quest even though it could mean certain death and nothing in return for the hassle. Even though old cautious Flick doesn't trust him (though I do!) he still ends up saving them when they needed it, though he could've run. He seems to be a quick thinker and a fast reactor, and has saved Shea and Flick a few times already (and I'm only 108 pages in) and I'm excited to see what becomes of him and his Weapons.

I hope you enjoy, Logan! It's super cool to share it with you!


logankstewart said...

David, I always hate it when I read a book and the ending is rushed. Such a tragic waste of time, it seems. However, I've not read these books, but I doubt I'll read RSURS now, especially with a cruddy ending.

Krista, great feedback. I'll be interested to hear what you think when you finish as to whether or not Sword was a ripoff from LOTR. I think Brooks does a great job of building up the characters for his stories, and his way of storytelling is easy, quick, and action-packed. Glad you're liking it so far.

David Wagner said...

Funny that the Sword of Shannara series would be named here. I started reading the series myself about a month ago and its style/story didn't do much for me, so I turned to Lynch instead. I got as far as Flick and Shea leaving the village in the middle of the night, and heading for his friend's house, and that's it.

Many of my friends/acquaintances had recommended it... and now that it's going to be discussed here, I'm thinking I should pick it up again and move forward with it, so I could contribute to the unfolding discussion as well... I think I'll shelve JV Jones and grab up Brooks again...

Of course, when Best Served Cold comes out on July 29, I may set Brooks aside again... ah, so much to read, so little time...

Krista said...

@ Logan:
Thank you, Logan! I'll be more than happy to share how I feel about TSOS and LOTR when all is said and done....

Ah, yes, the history of the War, Heir, and Sword of Shannara is a little thick, but if you can get past that it really does start to pick up. Mind you, this was his first novel. The Elfstone of Shannara, the second book in the trilogy, I've heard exceeds The Sword of Shannara.

Hey, and when you get Best Served Cold please share how you liked it - no spoilers, though, please. I won't be able to get to it until after I get to The Frist Law Trilogy, which won't be for some time with my huge To Be Read list I have going! But soon I tell you, soon! Enjoy, by the way!

I agree, so much to read and not enough hours in the day...

logankstewart said...

David, Krista's right. Once you get into the thick of the novel, it's pretty good. Actually, Sword is probably the worst of the Shannara novels, in my opinion, but it serves such an important purpose for everything that happens after. I'd recommend reading through it, because finishing the novel opens the doors to the 20 or so books that are currently set in the world of Shannara, and it is an intriguing world.