Original Fiction

Flash Fic (One Shots)
  1. Four Seconds to Live
       What goes through a girl's mind during her last four seconds of life
  2. H&H Rob the 42nd Street Bagle Bros. Bagel Shoppe
       A semi-comedic tale of two brothers robbing a bagel shop
  3. The Article, The Note
       A newspaper article publishes a letter from a national traitor
  4. The Captive
       A story of a man held prisoner in a barn and his unusual gifts 
  5. The Choice
       One man's agony over choosing the correct engagement ring for his fiancée 
  6. The Confession
       A man makes his confession to a priest
  7. The Crayon Boy
       Inspired by a true story; a tale of a boy who's caught stealing crayons 
  8. The Great Candor Disaster
       How a man takes his revenge on Candor, TN
  9. The Hanging
       The hanging of fourteen year old Willem Coolidge
  10. The Happy Story
       A completely innocent and happy story
  11. The Hatchet
       A kidnapper, his hatchet, and a vial of silver nitrate
  12. The Hollis, Idaho Incident
       A mysterious lever is found sticking out of the ground and Kathleen Johnson pulls it
  13. The Joiner
       A story of a man on the run and some sort of odd magic or something
  14. The Life of Collin Chambers
       A girl recalls a fond night she shared with Collin Chambers
  15. The Monster
       An homage to Godzilla, Cloverfield, and other types of unleashed monsters
  16. The Robot Sighed
       The lonely life of a robot and its daily & nightly routines
  17. The Skull
       A man and a skull plan the ultimate heist
  18. The Testimony of Goodwin, P.A.
       A dying zombie recounts his second life (also available as audio)
  19. Transcending
       A story of what it takes for one "man" to rise to the next plane...
  20. Waiting for the Rain; Or, Through a Season
       A story of how rainfall affects various individuals
  21. When Pax
       A story of how little Pax Revelet responds to life and how it treats him
  22. Medical Log Entry #16: John Doe
       One man's journal entry.  He's either paranoid or onto something grander.
  23. Waiting for the End
       Death is conquered and people are living thousands of years.  Not everyone likes this.
  24. How Warren Got His Groove Back
        Two thieves try to steal an enchanted sword but meet some resistance.
Flash Fic (Serials)
  1. The Doom of the Salt People
       A grandfather tells a goodnight story to his grandchildren
    1. Part One
    2. Part Two
    3. Part Three
    4. Conclusion
  2. Fate & 15th (Word Count: 1138)
       The fates of several people collide at the tiny shop on the corner of Fate & 15th
    1. Part One
    2. Part Two
    3. Part Three
    4. Part Four
    5. Part Five
  3. Something Like Midnight (Word Count: 5556)
        A haunted man on a quest for vengeance to find (and take care of) his wife's murderer.  This story is inspired by hellhound mythology of England and the lands.
    1. Part One
    2. Part Two
    3. Part Three
    4. Part Four
    5. Part Five
    6. Part Six
    7. Epilogue
Short Stories
Note:  Most of these are unfinished tales
  1. The American Dreamer
       Hank Tasla travels through time and dream, looking for love, and all the while pursued by a mysterious narrator
  2. 21 Deaths and Grim, a Portrait of Life
       (These really should be listed under Flash Fic...)  Examining the unusual deaths of some folks
    1. A Portrait of Death: Gabriel
    2. A Portrait of Death: Death
    3. 1927: Steven Gray
  3. Untitled Story
       Zombies, Angels, Gods, Human Survivors, Magicians, and some sort of Wild Cult
    1. Part One--Blaine and Melissa (A micro story)
    2. Part Two--Jacob and Shannon
    3. Part Three--The Way of the Gods
    4. Part Four--Derrick Lawson
    5. Part Five--Melissa
    6. Part Six--Janosh
    7. Part Seven--Marle
    8. Part Eight--Janosh
    9. Part Nine--Rol
  4. The Reformed
       In an apocalyptic America, ruined by war and zombies (what else?), one woman has found a cure to the virus and has created a new race of humans from the alive-again undead.
  5. Within the Week
        This story was part of the Blogging from AtoZ Challenge.  This is a piece about a family dealing with grief and love with the knowledge that the world will be ending within a week.
    1. Part One--Hopeless
    2. Part Two--I'm Sorry
    3. Part Three--Jodie Comes Home Late
    4. Part Four--Kyler Investigates
    5. Part Five--Last Days
    6. Part Six--Matter
  6. The Absurdly Epic Tragedy of Oscambria
       A massive "epic poem" styled tale of a cursed actor and his long road to retribution.  Heavily influenced by The Odyssey and my odd sense of humor, I made around 30k words before abandoning this.  For easier reading, I'd recommend this wiki I created, where I pasted the entire document.

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